Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Week In Numbers (Post-Ankle Surgery Style)

I thought it would be fun to describe my week using numbers, so here we go:
  • hours spent on the couch with Tanzi: at least 30 since he curled up with me a lot in the beginning of the week, when I was more sleepy.

  • showers: one today and it felt glorious. I hadn't had a proper shower in a week and a half. I had to use this waterproof film to cover my scar up with.
  • visits to a fro yo place: one to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary with some dessert!
  • bad days: one, Wednesday was just awful thanks to the effects from anesthesia and pain pills. I had to cancel having my in-laws visit that evening because I just couldn't stand talking to anyone or doing anything.
  • meals cooked: one, if you count the pancakes I mixed up for breakfast this morning. It's really difficult for me to cook anything proper right now. I was delighted with the jam I put on my pancakes, which was a gift from a co-worker and his wife. She made it herself with Door County cherries, yum!
  • visitors: five. My in-laws, my sister who was in town from Minnesota, and my parents. All of them cheered me up immensely and it was nice to get taken care of too.
  • episodes of Breaking Bad: nine. We finished the first season and are into the second one now.
  • books finished/read: one. I finished Enjoy Every Sandwich: Living Each Day as If It Were Your Last and I am still getting through Whole and Cooked. When I got to the section set in Berkeley, CA in Cooked, I discovered this big ink splat. I thought to myself, "yeah, this represents your time spent living in Berkeley, Lisa."

  • times using a motorized cart: one at Sam's Club. It was a lot of fun and kind of scary at first! I really realized how difficult it must be to be disabled. I was sitting next to the yogurt case and a nice man asked if I needed help reaching something. I don't think I would have been able to reach the Chobani case on my own. Craig actually was walking towards me to assist, but it was nice to be offered help.
  • doctor's visits: two. I had a post-op on Friday morning and got my big cast removed (photo on the left) and went into a boot, which is just as heavy. I also got to see my scar, which is about three inches long and the bruising on my foot (I'll spare you those photos since I shared my disgusting allergy reaction photo in the past). The second visit was really to start being a clinical research participant for an allergy study and I am thankful to be getting paid for it. I have to keep a daily diary of my symptoms and take the meds.
  • episodes of Orange Is the New Black: five. I am really enjoying the show so far! The main character reminds me of how I would act if I went to prison. 
  • meals at restaurants: two. One at Noodles and Co. on Friday for my free birthday meal and another mid-week at a local sub shop.
  • visits to the gym: one today and I realized that missed it so much. Craig helped me navigate the arm weight machines and the bench press area. My cardio was spent on this machine, which I got the hang of after while and I enjoyed just moving a bit using it:

  • items ordered from Amazon Prime: four. Taste of the Wild cat food, a new Fossil wallet (everything I buy lately seems to be purple), wi-fi router for my parents, and organic coffee beans.
  • get well cards received: two and they were exactly the same. Craig's aunt is a fellow cat lady and sent me this awesome sticker on the envelope:
  • hours Craig spent taking care of me: too many to keep track of. I owe him big time, although he says I don't. He had to do so many things around the house this week and deal with my whining, crankiness, and almost tripping over my crutches so many times. Thanks to him for fulfilling his wedding vows and being so caring to me.
That was my week in a nutshell! I also read countless blog posts in feedly, did a little work from home to catch up on e-mails at my job, and learned of some major changes at my workplace with people quitting, etc. I am sure this week will be just as exciting! I have a lot more going on socially, so I know it will be. And I hope to start physical therapy soon too!

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