Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doors Open Milwaukee (Jones Island and a Frank Lloyd Wright House)

Over the weekend, Craig and I went to the Doors Open Milwaukee event. Basically, a bunch of really cool historical buildings are open to the public and there are tours of places all weekend. This was our third year attending. Since I am still hobbling around, we only visited two places.

Our first stop was to Jones Island. We both had always wanted to get there. Unfortunately, the way the actual tour was advertised was totally different than what was offered. Fail. Next year, we will go to City Hall and pick up tickets for a 60 minute tour.

For lunch, we just headed to the cafe at Outpost Natural Foods in Bay View. I was craving a healthy meal and not really feel like sitting down in a real restaurant.

We shared a Kale Kiwi juice and it impressed both of us with its' unique and refreshing flavor.

I had a delicious egg and vegetarian sausage sandwich with cheddar cheese. Craig ordered a breakfast burrito with bacon, which was exactly what he was craving.

Our final stop for the Doors Open event included a tour of this 1916 built Frank Lloyd Wright house. Here is a description from the Doors Open site:

Between 1915 and 1917, Wright designed a series of standardized “system-built” homes, known today as the American System-Built Homes, an early example of prefabricated housing. The “system” involved cutting the lumber and other materials in a mill or factory, and then brought to the wite for assembly; thus saving material waste and a substantial fraction of the wages paid to skilled tradesmen.

There were other FLW houses on the same block and I loved their designs.

The house we toured was quite small, but included a lot of built-ins and illusions to make it feel bigger. It was Craig's first visit to a FLW structure and I am glad we both got to see this historic house.

We are already making a list of places we want to visit during the Doors Open event next year! It continues to be a way to force us to be tourists in our own wonderful city of Milwaukee.