Sunday, September 29, 2013

eMeals Review

I am not the best meal planner, so to have someone else do it for me is perfect. eMeals reached out to me and offered the opportunity to try their service out.

It was really easy to log onto their website and choose to get vegetarian meal plans for two people. I was very excited to see that they even had a vegetarian option, as I was thinking I would have to modify some meat based recipes.

When I looked around some more, I was also happy to see that they also offered such a huge variety of meal plans, such as: paleo, low carb, clean eating, classic meals, Mediterranean, slow cooker, low fat, portion control, natural and organic, simple gourmet, and gluten free.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have received a number of recipes and grocery lists. I chose to shop for two recipes that sounded like something I wouldn't normally make on my own.

I went shopping at Target and Trader Joe's on Saturday and found everything I needed to buy to make Tempeh with Peanut Sauce and a Lentil and Avocado Salad. I enjoyed having a comprehensive shopping list, especially if I wanted to make all of the recipes in one week and could just highlight what we needed to buy to accomplish that goal.

Once home, I got the recipe for Tempeh with Peanut Sauce out and started following instructions and gathering ingredients.

I love this tempeh from Trader Joe's!

I was very impressed by this dish! I kept saying "mmmm..." and "this tastes like it comes from a restaurant, but better."

To get some greens in my diet, I added some kale, spinach, and chard mix on the side. The recipe suggests adding broccoli, which I'd like to do when I make this again. 

What an excellent and easy meal to make! All of their recipes include ingredients I mainly already have and look so feasible to make on a busy weeknight, etc.

I can't wait to make the Lentil and Avocado Salad later this week! It sounds really delicious and I'll be sure to share how it turned out.

If you are a blogger and want to try out eMeals too, click here!

Thanks to eMeals for reaching out to me and providing me this service for one year! I look forward to using it get more creative in the kitchen and to take the stress out of cooking and meal planning each week.

I <3 eMeals

eMeals provided the service and I purchased the food for this post on my own. Receiving the service complimentary did not influence my opinion of this product.


  1. How fun and looks tasty! Made me hungry again :(

  2. I go in streaks with meal planning and I can definitely see how paying for a service would be added encouragement to develop a meal plan and stick with it.