Thursday, September 26, 2013

Favorite new iPhone apps

I got the iPhone 5 in June and along with that, purchased one new app and downloaded some for free thanks to a promotion running in honor of the anniversary of the iTunes store.

Over the weekend, I also switched to iOs7 and I love it so far!

I love the mapmyride+ app and this is one that I got for free with the iTunes promo. Before I downloaded it, I thought it was just for bike riding and then discovered I could use it to map and track mileage of my walks and runs. I've used it a couple of times and find it really intuitive. I love knowing how long we walk on our neighborhood strolls.

I received the PressReader app for free and used it in Europe and ever since then to keep up with the news. I decided to cancel my subscription to the Milwaukee paper and this app has allowed me to keep up with news via the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, etc.

I really enjoyed reading this article, naturally!

The Feedie app was recently featured on the ABC Nightly News and I think it's a great concept. It was created by Mario Batali and here is how it works: "Post an image of your meal at a participating restaurant across the U.S. via Feedie and the restaurant contributes to a non-profit group called the Lunchbox Fund. The fund, which provides meals to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, matches it with a meal at a table a world away."

It is perfect for a food blogger! We share pictures of our food all the time and now we can do it and give to someone in need of a meal. 

So far, not too many US restaurants are featured on the list as participating, but check it out and see if there is one in your area.

Other most used apps include Instagram, Facebook, twitter and feedly! I now read most blogs through feedly, which makes it difficult to comment, but I often save a post to flag it as something I want to go back and comment on.

What are your favorite apps lately?

I received the PressReader app for free, but this did not influence my opinion of the product. 


  1. I love iOs7 too, especially the improvements to the camera app!

  2. I'm going back to an iPhone in the next week or so. I'll check out these apps!