Saturday, October 12, 2013

This past week in pictures

Not a very creative title, but I'm not feeling inspired to come up with anything better this morning!

Here's what my past week looked like!

Dinner at La Fuente on Bluemound last Friday night. I had delicious vegetarian fajitas. A half portion was huge!

We headed to the Wisconsin Humane Society last Saturday morning and found this guy, who I had scoped out ahead of time on their website. He was super cute, but really loud and sassy. We did not end up adopting him, as there wasn't another male cat around 2 months old to go home with him. :( His name was Tito and I seriously have thought of the trouble maker every day since. We're probably going to wait to get a pair around mid-November.

We're trying to take advantage of the nice fall weather. I've been biking around the neighborhood while Craig runs. We did get to the gym once this week and I managed to try out the elliptical and rowing machine for the first time since my surgery. I felt great on both!

Food consumed last weekend included a Lentil and Avocado salad from emeals and Zucchini pancakes.

I have been having Bircher Muesli for breakfast most mornings. It makes me miss Europe though.

The garden is slowly shriveling up, but still producing veggies/fruit.

I came home to two packages the other night, so I declared it a good mail day.

Food Should Taste Good sent me these delicious chips, which we gobbled up quickly.

The other package contained that Designer Whey protein powder, which I won from Farrah's blog.

Tanzi enjoyed the boxes that each came in. He kind of plopped awkwardly in that tiny box and looked surprised back at me. I think he still thinks he is a tiny kitten sometimes.

Is it weird that anytime I hear Michael Pollan talk, I get really excited about nutrition and food? He was excellent on this America's Test Kitchen podcast.

I took advantage of a $2 off any breakfast sandwich at Starbucks and stopped into the Marquette Starbucks on my way into work yesterday. I got a spinach, feta and egg white wrap. It was pretty good.

Had an Apple Spice donut at Dunkin' Donuts. It was just meh. I don't think I've had a donut in about a year. I was really in the mood for an apple cider donut.

Still icing my ankle, although the swelling has improved tremendously this week! I am down to just one physical therapy appointment a week now and have to do my exercises at home on the other days.

I treated myself to lunch at the Outpost cafe at Aurora Hospital on Friday. I had a Mediterranean meal with dolmas (one of my favorite foods ever), orzo salad, hummus, pita pieces and feta.

I also hadn't had soda in ages, but felt like trying this Blue Sky cola. It had so much sugar in it though--I was wired all afternoon!

The treat was a Carrot Pumpkin bar.

 We picked up Kiwi Berries this morning. I don't think I've ever had these before. They are tasty!

Craig bought a video game at Target, so I indulged in some new cognac flats and a super clearanced C9 yellow workout shirt.

I have a pair of black patent flats from Target that I live in at work. They're not leather, but they are so comfortable and make my ankle feel stable and protected. I think I'll be wearing this cognac pair a lot too.

Phew! Not that exciting of a week, but a good one! We're off to a housewarming/2 year old birthday party this afternoon and then I have lots of work to get done this weekend (on a secret thing I haven't told you readers, or most family and friends about).


  1. If you are ready for a little trip, the Door County Humane Society (just south of Sturgeon Bay) was loaded with kittens when we got ours. They had so many that they were doing 2 for 1 at the time (it was all I could do not to take them up on this). You should take a look at their web site...

    1. Sounds like a win-win to me, a trip to Door County and a pair of kittens. Although it could be torture if they don't like car rides.

  2. The kiwi berries are intriguing! What do they taste like?

    1. I'm curious about the kiwi berries too. This is the first I've heard of them.