Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Conscious Box review

I recently purchased a discounted three month subscription to Conscious Box and thought I'd share my review of the service.

I chose a vegan box, since I am a vegetarian and didn't want to risk getting any meat based products. You can pick from three types: Gluten Free, Classic, or Vegan. Each month is $19.95, which includes shipping and 10 bonus points.

I really enjoyed the selection of items in my January box. They're all products I would buy on my own and am enjoying using or eating. I did receive one in December, but it was damaged by a spilled product. Luckily, the customer service at Conscious Box was excellent and I was sent another box at no charge.

The product I was most excited about receiving was this natural sunscreen, which I will definitely use now and in the summer months. I looked it up online and this size bottle is normally $29.99! It's rated pretty highly too, which is sometimes hard to find among natural sunscreens.

I especially liked that I received an e-mail from Conscious Box, prompting me to rate the items and allowing me to buy more if I wanted to. When you rate an item, you earn 10 points and those points can be used to purchase products in the future. 

The only disappointing aspect is that I think because I chose a vegan box, I keep getting the same products each month (mighty leaf tea, soap, good bean dried chickpeas), when I was looking forward to trying more new things.

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  1. I wish Nature Box had a ratings system. They have so many options that it's hard to know what to choose each month. I'd love to know what's popular with others.