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Europe Trip Recap: Gimmelwald to Freiburg, Germany

Sunday, May 27, 2013: Gimmelwald, Switzerland to Freiburg, Germany

Mom and I woke up early and packed up the room we loved staying in. Unfortunately, we never met Liesi, whose house we stayed in.

I started out with a hazelnut type breakfast croissant and looked up at the views of the beautiful Swiss homes.

On our way to the cable car station, we were greeted with a roped off path because the cows were making their way through town. After they passed by, we went around the rope and I hoped that no other cows would stampede us on the way! It was a fun sight to witness.

The cable car down to Stechelberg was foggy and pretty.

Before boarding our train in Lauterbrunnen, we got milch cafes at a local coffee shop and I was able to use their wi-fi, which always made me feel happy and connected to the world. I finally could e-mail Craig and Dad to tell them what we had been up to.

I had to get our tickets straightened out at the train station, as we got sold the wrong ticket for Basel. I asked for the Germany Basel Bad station and got the Swiss SBB one--long story short, I knew my gut told me that the guy sold us the wrong ticket in Lucerne and I was glad I checked. Crisis averted!

We had to change trains in Interlaken and then we had a nice little private area to ourselves all the way to Freiburg.

We were happy to arrive at about 1 p.m. and find a sunny, warmer climate in Germany. We grabbed some sandwiches and were off on our mile walk to the hotel. We soon discovered that our home away from home for the next two nights, Hotel Kreuzblume, was on the most beautiful street in Freiburg. I had read this opinion from other travelers online, but being on the street confirmed it.

The view out our window, facing the street! It smelled amazing. 

We arrived before the check-in time, but luckily I had written the hotel in advance and warned them that our train would arrive around 1 p.m. and that we may be early. We were greeted by a super friendly lady who worked there. I suspected she was the mother of the young woman who co-owns the hotel and she checked us in. I was so pleased to see a modern and clean room facing the gorgeous street we loved so much!

After freshening up, mom and I got our sightseeing adventures in Freiburg started. The city has such a great vibe and both of us warmed to it instantly. Here's the main Munster/church in the town square area. 

It turns out, Freiburg is a sister town of Madison, WI! I knew that before we arrived there. The two towns actually seem a lot alike--they are big University towns with students everywhere.

The beautiful city hall.

I love looking in drugstores in other countries, so we ventured into Mueller, where I found this fabulous wall of Haribos!

I'll end this post with a picture of the Bächle. They are water canals (Bach means stream in German) and were once used to fight fires and served as a water supply. 

More on gorgeous Freiburg to come! The city turned out to be one of my mom's favorites of the whole trip!

Miles walked: 8.55

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  1. What a wonderful trip! And how surprising to see Madison emblazoned on the street!