Saturday, February 8, 2014


Song on repeat: One Republic’s “Counting Stars." I kept hearing it on the radio and it puts me in a good mood.

Book (and blog) I am currently loving: Tammy Strobel’s RowdyKittens blog and her book, You Can Buy Happiness (and It's Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too. I am working on being more minimalistic and I really respect Tammy and her husband for living in a tiny house (128 square-feet) and making it work.

Looking forward to: SPRING. This cold weather plus insane amount of snow is just sucking the life out of me (and everyone else I know). I will be spending a lot of time outside this summer.

Cooking/baking: not much lately, but I do want to make the raspberry coffee cake Karis posted. My mom was making it this afternoon. 

Product I love: Quince and Apple's Fig and Black Tea preserves. I will definitely keep supporting the Madison based, small business by buying their product! It's perfect mixed in Greek yogurt, by the spoonful, or on toast.

Movies we've seen: Her and Jobs. Her was pretty good--Craig loved it. Jobs started out like a made for TV movie, but it was ok in the end. I didn't love Ashton Kutcher in the role. We're going to see Monuments Men this week!

Healthy dessert: in between eating those evil and addictive Girl Scout cookies (peanut butter patties are my fave), I had to mix up my dessert selection by adding in a healthy chia seed "pudding." I just combined chia seeds with almond milk and almond extract. I also recommend adding cacao nibs.


  1. I hadn't heard of that book or blog before, thanks for sharing! Downsizing forced us to be more minimalistic and I love it. Chris keeps sending me listings for houses because he wants more space and I'm pushing hard for a smaller place.

  2. I'll take a look at this book. I sooo want to get rid of a bunch of stuff but I'm married to a pack rat. A blog I like is Mr Money Mustache They retired in their 30s and live on around 25K/year.

  3. Mmm Girl Scout cookies... I haven't gotten mine yet!