Monday, March 24, 2014

A Very Lazy Weekend

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty lazy.

I worked late on Friday night, so my whole circadian rhythm was off through Sunday. My body is not happy with me when I don't get to bed at a decent hour!

Plus, my legs were aching on Saturday because I biked 8 miles at the gym on Thursday and did tons of squats, then I walked 6 miles on Friday. I have to remember that leg workouts probably aren't the smartest thing before a big program at work where I am on my feet more than usual.

I spent all day Saturday in my pajamas. After about two naps, I managed to get up and wash dishes, complete two loads of laundry and sweep and mop the kitchen. Craig finished our taxes while I cleaned.

The most I accomplished on Sunday was making this delicious rice pudding recipe.

I also got back into reading Cooked, which I am ashamed to say I started reading last summer. Since it stays on our nightstand, I often neglected reading it and chose books on my kindle instead. I really enjoyed the chapters about bread and fermented foods. I am determined to finish it this week so I can get it off my Goodreads list!

Since I was lazy all weekend, the kitties spent a lot of time on my lap or sleeping on my legs.

For some reason, Shiva liked sitting on Tanzi like this. 

We finally left the house on Sunday night for pizza at a restaurant and a quick trip to Target for groceries.

I am hoping this week flies by! We are supposed to get some snow and it will be cold, yet again. Where is Spring?


  1. Ohh, I wish I'd had a lazy weekend. Spring break made for a (too) busy time! So, should I check out Cooked, or go with something else if it is taking you so long to read it (which sometimes means something and sometimes doesn't...)?

    1. I actually think you may like the book. Karis commented that she couldn't really get into it. I only started to really love it halfway through, but granted the first part talked a lot about meat and you know how I feel about that topic!

    2. I just checked it out, so we'll see if not being a vegetarian makes the first half better...

  2. It's funny how Goodreads can serve as motivation like that. I tend to add books to my "currently reading" list after downloading them, which is silly because I haven't started reading them and it makes it look like it takes me forever to finish them :) I couldn't get into the hardcopy of Cooked, tried the audio version and Pollan put me to sleep. Loved hearing him speak in person though!

    1. I do the exact same thing after I download books from the digital library loan site. I usually do read one or two digital books off and on throughout the week, depending on my mood.

      I have only enjoyed this last half of Cooked. Maybe that's because I love bread and am fascinated by fermented foods since I have GI issues. I just read the microwave part that he talked about at his book event, so that was fun to hear about all over again.

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  4. lol...Spring is somewhere trailing behind the snowplows coming down my street right now. ;)