Monday, April 21, 2014

TRX Core class review

I tried a new class at the gym on Thursday night! It was a free demo of TRX Core.

The YMCA describes it as the following, “this extreme workout is designed to offer you a mix of strength, core stability & balance exercises using your own body weight. Meets twice a week. Great for all levels and abilities.”

While the class was only 20 minutes long, it was intense and I was sweating by the time I walked out of there! I was the only new person and the teacher was really good at showing the beginner exercise vs. the experienced. I started with the beginner exercises and then attempted to do the more advanced ones when possible.

I struggled most with keeping my feet in the straps during the plank position exercises and it hurt the ankle I had surgery on a little bit. I most enjoyed the exercises we did while standing and holding on to the straps. However, I know that the plank position exercises were great for building my upper body strength and core.

The day after, I felt a little sore, mostly in one of my arms and just a tiny bit in my core.
The class includes a fee, which is only $25 for a month of Tuesday/Thursday classes for members and $40 for a community participant.

The TRX training website offers a lot of information and visuals of exercises. If you are lucky enough to be able to workout with a TRX system of your own at home or at the gym, check it out for inspiration.

Have you ever tried TRX exercises?

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