Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: Reducing Stress

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

My workplace offered a stress management information session last week and I thought I would share a bit about what I learned.

The presenter used the following as a guideline for us to help manage our stress:

S = Smile more
T = Talk, share and be optimistic and grateful
R = Relax, rest and exercise
E = Eat nutritionally
S = Strengths, use what you’re good at…..physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally
S = See the person in front of you as the most important person in your life

He suggested a couple of techniques to implement the above guidelines, including writing three things you are grateful for in a paper journal every single night before going to bed. I’ve been doing that since Thursday and it’s been fun to pick out the three things that made me happy that day.

My food themed journal 

How do you manage stress?


  1. I love that acronym! I manage stress through self-care. If I take care of myself, the rest seems to fall into place!

  2. I may have to try the gratitude notes idea. Do you know the book 365 Thanks Yous?