Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Nasty Fall

I worked yesterday morning, so my weekend was cut short a little bit. I made sure to enjoy every minute of the rest of it. Thank god this week is a four day one for me and then I have four days off thanks to the holiday!

After I rested at home (I punched into work at 5:45 am), we decided to visit the new Buca di Beppo at Southridge Mall for lunch. Craig had never been to a Buca restaurant before, so he really enjoyed the fun interior and hilarious photos inside. He said I could use the silly photo of him imitating the guy eating spaghetti.

Craig ordered lasagna and I had eggplant parmigiana with spicy roasted broccoli on the side. Both were delicious!

Later on, we visited Stein's Garden and Gifts for some plants. We started with purchasing three different tomato plants and a pepper. I love getting our garden started!

We wanted to get out on another long bike ride today, so we packed up and prepared for it mid-morning. I just purchased these amino acids via Vitascost and we shared a couple of glasses of it to fuel our workout. The flavor is pretty good! I like using amino acids for summer workouts.

Luckily, when I was packing, I decided to randomly bring three small band aids, just in case one of us fell and needed them. Unfortunately, I must have been a bit psychic. 

Instead of picking up where we left off last week, we started further down on Drexel Avenue, where a bike path existed. We biked from 13th and Drexel to Grant Park beach. It was cooler out, which was perfect for a ride.

The path wasn't our favorite, mostly because it wasn't a straight, smooth one and we had to go up and down a lot of curbs throughout the beginning of our trip.

We were almost to Grant Park when I experienced a nasty fall. I was trying to get up an uneven part of the pavement and Craig was ahead of me. My tire slid into the concrete edge and I fell onto the pavement and braced myself with my hands. Luckily, I fell in a way that prevented me from breaking my arm, so it could have been worse. I have a huge red gash on my right knee, I tore my pants, bruised and hurt my left leg, by the ankle I just had surgery on, and I think I sprained my pinky finger. I really hope it's not broken (I can't quite bend it all the way). Craig ran over to help and get me bandaged up. While I hurt all over, I decided to continue riding. I was so freaked out from the fall though so I proceeded to be very careful the rest of the trip.

Finally, we reached Grant Park beach and walked our bikes down the huge hill! We rested there with gorgeous views of Lake Michigan. This time, I brought lots of food and an electrolyte drink!

On our way to the beach, we saw a Dairy Queen and I gave into the temptation on the way back! I needed a chocolatey and comforting treat after that fall!

Craig wanted me to document what a weird ride it was--we had to constantly stop and start because his cyclometer wasn't working, we saw a guy sleeping in a hammock behind the DQ dumpster (gross, must have smelled awful), I saw a dead baby bird when I came out of the bathroom by the beach, we saw people foraging for something in the woods on the trail (we made lots of conclusions about what they could be looking for, my guess was ramps or mushrooms) and we saw a couple of creepy dudes along the way.

We are so close to being done with the main parts of the Oak Leaf Trail. There is just a tiny section near Downtown Milwaukee that we have to cover. It's been so much fun to challenge ourselves to biking different parts.

Our total mileage was 15.09, not bad!


  1. Sorry to hear about your fall, hope you heal quickly! p.s. Love Craig's ampelmann shirt!

  2. I'd have gotten the ice cream after falling too. My 16 yo took a spill before prom and deeply scraped one knee and we ended up buying a new (long) dress at the last minute (fortunately her short dress was borrowed). Hope you are recovering well--over a week later, they still won't let her in the pool.

    Love the graphic on the route. Now that is a cool use of technology!