Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday + Monday {my weekend} recap

Since I worked Saturday, my weekend consisted of Sunday and Monday off. 

On Sunday, we got up bright and early to head to church for my nephew/godson Owen's first communion. The kid is obsessed with dolphins right now, so I laughed out loud in church when I saw that his pew sign was very plain except for a little dolphin decal.

We ended up at Panera after for breakfast. I got a delicious Mediterranean Egg sandwich. It had pesto, sun dried tomatoes and cheese on it. So good!

Here we are with Owen.

This morning, I got some stuff done around the house before heading to a new gym for a two week trial. I already go to the YMCA, so I didn't need the gym trial, but I took advantage of it because it includes a fitness assessment and one personal training session. I had my assessment today and I didn't say a word about being certified through NASM. I just was curious to see what she did with the PAR-Q and measurements, etc. I think I will write a lengthier recap about my experience and post about it separately. I have my training appointment later this week and I am excited to see what she suggests for exercises.

I had to return some things to the library, so I went to the Hales Corners location and came out to find this. I seriously thought the statue of Mary was a child with their hands tied up in the back seat of this Prius. So scary for about 10 seconds! I laughed and knew I had to take a photo of it.

I scored some good reads at the library. A new, very short book by T. Colin Campbell and a cookbook that had some interesting recipes in it. I also found a May 2014 Nutrition Action newsletter on the free magazines exchange table! Hooray! I don't subscribe any more, so I was happy to find it.

Since I worked out before meeting with the trainer and then went to Target to shop after, I was starving for lunch. I stopped by Chipotle since it was Cinco de Mayo and I have been wanting to try their sofritas (vegetarian meat like protein). It was pretty good. Craig loves Qdoba and I thought I like Chipotle better, but they're about the same to me now. I only ate half and now I have the rest for lunch at work tomorrow.

I came home to unpack my car and nap a little with the kitties before heading back out to shop some more. I saw this shirt at the front of American Eagle and had to take a picture of it. It reminded me of Shiva almost blowing up our house last week by turning on the gas on the stove. I would cross out brunch and add "house" instead. I wrote a little blurb about what happened on the cat blog.

I didn't find a thing at the mall, but I did find some great deals at TJ Maxx. I purchased two bras (one of them is my absolute favorite kind by Barely There and the other is Wacoal, which is a great brand) and a black t-shirt for only $30 something total. I left there happy!

Now I am just doing laundry and relaxing with Pema on my lap. He's snoring and oh so relaxed.


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  1. I'll be interested in hearing how the assessment went. I did one awhile back and had a real problem with it. They said I came out terrible (like in the bottom few percent) on everything and had better sign up for a program or I was facing some serious health issues. Now given that I could bend down and get my palms on the ground (equivalent to their test), I was pretty sure I was on the good end of flexibility (one of the areas I failed) and that this was just a high pressure (and unethical) sales pitch. Hope you had a better experience.