Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Balance WX813v2 Cross-Training Shoe review

I was long overdue for a new pair of shoes and after trying on many pairs at the store, I ordered the New Balance Women's WX813 Cross-Training Shoe. This model felt best on my feet and supported my ankles well. I used to work at a running shoe store and I learned a lot about shoes in general there, but especially going with your gut on how a shoe feels on your foot. Everyone is different and not every brand is going to feel great on your particular feet.

Features I like:
  • the bright colors. Craig convinced me to get this pair vs. a black pair and I am glad I did. The bright shoelaces are cheery!
  • they're true to size. I always get gym shoes in a size 8, whereas I wear a 7.5 in other types of shoes.
  • lightweight
  • the cushioning is really nice. I do worry that this will fade over time, but for now, I am loving it.
  • the width of the shoe is perfect. My feet widen out a little bit when I step down and other brands are often too skinny for me.

My old bosses at the running store always told me to look for a wider base when picking out a running or gym shoe. I thought these were much better than other models I looked at in the store.

The one thing I am bummed about with these shoes is that the box said they were made in China. I like New Balance because they're an American brand, but I wish all of their shoes were made here.

What is your favorite brand of gym shoes?

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