Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend recap: Sprecher Beer Garden, Margaritas and Kandinsky at MAM

We managed to get a good mixture of things in this weekend.

I didn't feel like going out to eat a restaurant on Friday night, so I drank a Strongbow cider to celebrate the week being over, took an hour nap, and then Craig woke me up to go out and have fun at the Sprecher traveling beer garden in Whitnall Park. It's located just east of the intersection of 92nd Street and College Avenue and will be there until June 15th. Then it travels onto other locations throughout Milwaukee. What a great idea!

The line for beer was really long and I didn't feel like drinking anything since I was already sleepy enough! We shared a big pretzel with mustard instead, while we listened to the live German music.

The place was packed with families and groups just hanging out and having a wonderful time. I am happy to see beer gardens becoming so common in the Milwaukee area, which makes sense with our German roots and all.

I got up early Saturday morning and proceeded to clean for two hours straight. It felt good to get caught up on laundry, dishes, and organizing in general.

After lunch, I went to Target, Trader Joe's and Starbucks. By the way, the sandals below are the Birkenstock Gizeh and they need to make a friday favorite list soon because they are amazingly comfortable and supportive.

I've been craving guacamole lately and I finally put the chunk guac in my cart today. It's really good!

Craig wanted to go out for Mexican food on Friday night, but I wanted to wait for Saturday so we'd have something to look forward to. I suggested we try out a restaurant a couple of blocks from us and I am glad we tried a new restaurant out. We were joking that if it ended up being really good, we'd want to walk there for drinks all of the time.

I got a margarita on the rocks and Craig ordered a blue raspberry blended one. We've never seen that before on any menus! I ordered vegetarian tacos and Craig had chimichangas.

I celebrated Mother's day a month late with my mom today. We were going to go to the Milwaukee Art Museum in May, but I wanted to wait until the Kandinsky show opened, which was Thursday. We both really loved the works featured in the exhibit! I saw one of my old co-workers there and talked to him for a long time too.

After MAM, we went to the Milwaukee Public Market for lunch at the Green Kitchen. We ordered a salad and a veggie wrap to share. Both were delicious, nutritious and filling!

Time to go read a book and meal prep for the week!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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  1. When I heard about the Kandisky exhibit I was wishing we were still MAM members. The Green Kitchen is my favorite place to eat at the Public Market, especially their red rooster juice! Dry Soda is good though too. I was introduced to it on a food tour in Seattle.