Monday, July 14, 2014

A Fantastic Week and Weekend!

Last week was a great one for me and so was this weekend!

I went to see Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert (of Eat Pray Love fame) speak at Boswell Books on Wednesday. The talk was moderated by Bonnie North of WUWM. Liz was very inspiring and eloquent. I particularly enjoyed reading about her research for the book and how she read parts of it to her husband each night and got his feedback.

I'm currently reading the rest of her latest title, The Signature of All Things, and loving the story and main character. I tweeted about the event before it started and I jumped up and down when Liz favorited my tweet later that night!

On Thursday evening, Craig and I walked over to our local Mexican restaurant to celebrate me being done with something. We got there right before happy hour and then ordered smaller items off the a la carte menu, which was perfect because we didn't leave there stuffed.

On Saturday afternoon, I went shopping with my friend Danielle at the outlets in Kenosha. We walked for almost 6 hours, so we covered a lot of ground. Danielle always finds lots of clothes and while I am on the hunt for some new tops especially, I never seem to have any luck. I was happy to find a purse I wanted was finally on the clearance rack. I also found two nice tank tops to wear under shirts.

Of course, once I got home, Craig did the whole husband thing and said I had a purse just like this one. Well, not really, but you know how that type of conversation goes.

I didn't do a whole lot on Sunday, but my morning was somewhat productive. I made us pancakes for breakfast and then baked a vegan chocolate chip banana bread (in my pajamas as evident from the photo below). It was my first time using ground flax instead of eggs and the bread turned out really delicious. We already ate half of it!

I'm not one to sit down and watch two hours of a sporting event, except for maybe Wimbeldon, but I did suffer through the boring World Cup match. I am just thankful that Germany won and that I got to watch cute boys on the German team run around for two hours. I have a bit of a crush on the goalie, Neuer.

Another positive aspect to the week was receiving this fabulous fitness equipment in the mail! I won Lindsay at Fit and Awesome's giveaway and it was such a good one! She asked me to send a few pictures of me with the equipment so I awkwardly "worked out" while Craig took pictures of me with the equipment.

I love doing kettlebell swings. We don't have kettlebells at my gym, so I am thankful to have added one to my home gym collection.

I'm hoping for another great week! 

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  1. That's a cute purse! Chris and I have totally had conversations like that, especially in regard to purses. He can't appreciate the slight color and size differences :)