Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Friday is the 4th of July and America celebrates our freedom. I've been celebrating mine for the last five days and I still have five more left! I took this week off of work and it feels good to just catch up on life--blogging, laundry, reading, cleaning, errands, workouts, quality time with the cats, etc. Isn't that just the best feeling in the world?

Yesterday, I ran some errands in Brookfield. I started at the AT&T store to ask about getting a new phone cord for my iPhone. Mine lasted a year until it was completely warped and wouldn't charge my phone anymore. Luckily, I worked with a really nice customer service rep and he handed me a new cord at no charge, despite the fact that I was one day over my one year warranty. That set the tone for a positive day!

The TJ Maxx in Brookfield always has great products to discover, so I headed there next. I was on the hunt for cute tops, but I ended up looking in the kitchen area and found these! I tried the avocado keeper out today and it's best if you cut an avocado perfectly in half. I'm a big Frank's Red Hot sauce fan, so the Sauce to Go bottles seemed great for bringing that and salad dressings to work with me. Oh and I finally purchased an OXO good grips container to put my quinoa in!

After, I went to the mall and was on a mission to find something at the Sephora store at JCPenney because I had a gift card to use for that specific location. I found the Boscia Makeup-Breakup oil that Essie Button recently recommended. I've used it a couple of times now and it's great!

At Target, I found these cuppow like lids and straws for my mason jars. I use a Blender Bottle to take my smoothies to work with me, but I needed a backup if that was dirty.

And the reason I needed those new lids? The Simple Green Smoothies 30-day challenge that I have Karis to thank for introducing me to. It started today and I picked up a few of the recipe items I needed at Trader Joe's yesterday. Unfortunately, I cannot find coconut milk without carrageenan in it anywhere (I know Whole Foods carries it, but there isn't one close to me)--more on that awful ingredient in a future post.

I blended up an Almond Cherry smoothie for breakfast this morning and added chia seeds, as they suggested doing, to fill me up!

It looks ugly, but it was delicious!

Mid-morning, I biked over to a new-to-me Little Free Library near our house. It was a good one! I feel like I am becoming quite the LFL nerd. I discovered a large print title I thought my parents might enjoy and a book that relates to my day job.

The rest of the day was just plain weird. I got an unexpected phone call, which left me nervous and excited simultaneously. I went to the West Allis library and farmers' market and then stopped at a gas station on the way home, only to find myself witnessing a nasty verbal fight inside, which made me very uncomfortable and scared, so I got the heck out of there very quickly!

Finally, I ended my day with the Burn Lab group exercise class, which I loved taking last week. This week's class was completely different and had the real instructor teaching, not a substitute, and I disliked it. I am not a fan of choreographed classes in which my heart rate is intensely high the entire time and that's exactly what this class was. Now I am on a mission to find out which class I took last week with the substitute, so I plan to go to one of her other classes next week and see if it's similar.

Are you taking any time off around the holiday? I typically don't take a break this time of year, but I really needed one.

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  1. I just went to my fridge to check the coconut milk label. So Delicious was the only brand available at Whole Foods, so I threw it in my cart without thinking much about it. Is that the brand you were talking about that doesn't have carrageenan? I didn't see it on the ingredient list, but maybe it goes by another name?

    I've made three out of five smoothie recipes for week 1 (got a bit of a head start) and really like all of them so far. Chris went on and on about how he wouldn't be participating due to lack of animal protein but tonight he was raving about the mango green-a-colada, which I found amusing.