Saturday, July 5, 2014

Simple Green Smoothies Week 1 Recap

Karis introduced me to the wonderful world of the Simple Green Smoothies 30-day challenge. Here's my recap of Week 1 of trying all of the recipes!

I'm not new to green smoothies and neither is Craig. I have been making smoothies for breakfast quite a bit lately and this challenge sounded like the perfect way to diversify my smoothie recipe options.

Favorite so far: Citrus Breeze, shared with Craig on the 4th of July. Both of us really enjoyed this blend.

Least Favorite: Coco-Cherry Berry Cooler. It was just kind of blah.

How I feel: I think the smoothies are helping my digestion. I feel energized and refreshed after drinking one. I do feel a little hungry after an hour or so post-consumption.

Negative aspect: washing the blender every day, because the immersion blender isn't the best for blending these types of smoothies up. Trust me, I tried and it was a mess and took twice as long!

I'm excited to go shopping for the Week 2 recipes and try them out for breakfast next week! I've been having Week 1 smoothies for lunch lately, but that won't be an option with being back at work next week.

Looking for smoothie recipes or to join the challenge yourself? Click on over to the Simple Green Smoothies site and check it out!

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  1. I can relate to your negative aspect from my pre-dishwasher days, I think part of the reason I'm keeping up with drinking a green smoothie every day (since June 1) is because of my dishwasher. On a related note, I'm strong considering ditching my juicer which rarely gets used, partly because of the number of parts to clean afterward.