Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Angelic Bakehouse Flatzza Review

Over the weekend, I made a delicious Angelic Bakehouse Flatzza. It was my first time trying this product from the company, but I've loved their breads for a while now. 

I also love that they're based in Cudahy, Wisconsin and that they're products are preservative free and non-GMO.

The ingredients in the flatzza are excellent. All of their products are egg free, dairy free, nut free and vegetarian.

Craig actually took a cooking class at work recently and the teacher was praising Angelic Bakehouse for their wholesome ingredients. She was encouraging his colleagues to try Angelic products and told them that we're lucky to have such a great company locally. I agree!

I shared the flatzza with Craig, so that meant putting just the veggie sausage and spices on his half, while mine was topped with artichokes, kalamata olives, mushrooms and the veggie Italian sausage. We both loved the flavor of the flatzza and I especially enjoyed how healthy it tasted.

Angelic Bakehouse also sent me a package of the Flatzza buddy, which will be great for making my own personal pizza or flatbread.

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Thank you to Angelic Bakehouse for sending me the flatzzas and coupons for other products!

Angelic Bakehouse sent me products and coupons in exchange for this review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor pressured to write a positive review on my blog.


  1. I've been trying to find these in Madison!

    1. Nicole, you should contact them and ask to review the products too! They put out a request on twitter! They're products are great. Sendik's in Milwaukee carries them and so does Outpost.

    2. Lisa, thanks for the love! We're firm believers that love at first bite will make you a dedicated fan, just like the cooking school teacher. Glad you loved the Flatzza.

      Nicole, we love Madison! Check out our Locations page and enter your zip code to find the closest store. One caveat - not all stores carry the Flatzza so you might want to call ahead. And ask Lisa for my Twitter handle. You just might know a gal that can send you a free coupon or two. ;)

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  3. They did so many great appetizers with these at the MKEFoodies even a couple years back.