Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

We celebrated Christmas three times this year and had a nice time with our families. 

Here are a few shots from the get togethers, which were made more fun with mulled wine and an amazing pistachio pudding cake made my mama. 

The good:

  • eating delicious pistachio cake
  • laughing at Craig's Aunt Wanda trying to take pictures with my cell phone
  • playing games with my nephew Owen on his new Nook (he just turned 9, so he still likes his Aunt Lisa a little bit)
  • drinking three different types of mulled wine
  • everyone giggling at my dad's computer paranoia (although I felt bad because my dad got tricked by a foreigner who preys on senior citizens)
  • eating Lindt chocolate with cookie chunks on Christmas morning
  • relaxing at home with Craig
  • FaceTiming with my brother and sister-in-law in England on Christmas day
  • watching my dad get geeky about his genealogy and the Wisconsin Lighthouses book our ancestor is featured in
  • relaxing at Starbucks with Craig last night--I put my feet up, enjoyed an Earl Grey Latte and read a good chunk of The Plum Tree
  • giving my mom and dad a box full of Vitacost goodies and seeing my mom light up at all-natural raspberry licorice

The bad:

  • My sister Laurie got sick with the flu on Friday night and couldn't make her planned trip down to Wisconsin from Minnesota. We missed her, but we FaceTimed and bugged her anyway!

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