Monday, March 30, 2015

A Well-Deserved Day Off

Hope you had a great Monday! Mine was fantastic because I was off of work. I worked on Saturday and also had my Health Risk Assessment at Craig's work scheduled for this morning. 

All of my health stats looked good, but I have to wait to see what my cholesterol numbers are. I always worry a bit about that because my mom has high cholesterol and it seems to be genetic. One more reason to keep eating healthy and exercising as much as possible!

After stopping for a coffee and scone, I dropped Craig off at work and was on my way to my parents' house just down the road. 

My parents had a guest pass for the YMCA, so my mom and I headed to the beautiful Mukwonago location. It felt great to lift weights, hop on the rowing and elliptical machines and just be around other people trying to get fit! 

We also went in the pool to walk and I hit up the whirlpool since my legs are still pretty sore from walking so much at work last week. 

I'd love to join the YMCA near our house again, but I think I am going to wait until October. I love exercising outside in the summer. Bring on the tennis matches, biking and running and walking outdoors!

Mom and I were starving by the time we got home! I quickly ate a banana with some peanut butter and then concocted a darn good smoothie. It included frozen cherries, vanilla almond milk, a banana, water, whole almonds, greek yogurt and blueberries. I topped mine with chia seeds. Mom loved it!

My dad and I are notorious nappers, so I took a 15 minute one. I woke up and started scanning some cool old photos of my ancestors into my parents' computer. The day went by so quickly because before I knew it, I had to leave to get Craig at work. I am glad we'll be at my parents' for Easter so we get to spend more time with them then.

What a great relaxing day! I needed it because my biggest program at work was last Friday and Saturday. Cortisol was surging through my veins the last month or so. I was exhausted and stressed from planning it and am so ready to move on to a more normal pace at work. Too bad I have tons of meetings this week!


  1. My dad and I are the nappers in my family too, except I don't think we've ever napped for as short as 15 minutes :) We are contacts out, pajamas on, 2 hours in bed kind of nappers!

  2. Love guest passes at the "Y" I still have frozen fruit left from last summer, so I know there are a lot of smoothies in my immediate future.