Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lately: Mid-May

I keep making lists of things I want to blog about, but then I don't feel like spending time on the computer. I hope to get around to writing some more substantial posts this long four day weekend, but we'll see. Here is what I've been up to lately.

Flan at El Beso with Craig. I ordered a smaller meal so I could get dessert.

A beer and dark chocolate after a sad day at work. 

Did you do this TIME magazine baby name popularity generator? I can't imagine being an Evelyn or Haley. Laura came up twice, once as my 1890s name and I guess that name seems more "me."

Shiva looking beautiful with freshly cut grass and our bulb flowers in the front yard. They came up purple and iris-like this year. They are canna plants that are usually red and a totally different shape. I need an explanation as to why this happened! 

Pema was fascinated by the mop. I know it doesn't look like it from this photo, but he was. Freshly mopped floors are the best.

New sunglasses from Target (I'm still not sure about them) and our favorite strawberry licorice from Trader Joe's. I sent this picture to Craig to taunt him that I was eating the licorice I had just purchased.

Our library keeps getting more and more magazine titles to check out digitally! This is great news for a magazine hoarder like me. I love that they have HGTV magazine!

Shiva and all the balls. He's been loving them and his "mousey" as he knows it as. 

Walking on my lunch break. It was quite a windy day yesterday and probably not the best timing for a walk in a skirt. Oh and teal toenails are my new fav.

This matcha green tea latte from Trader Joe's is the best!

We rearranged our living room for the first time ever last night. Tanzi and Pema loved it right away. Shiva hid in the other room and meowed at us from there. He's used to it now.

I rarely find new bands that I love and this German one came on Pandora on my way to work this morning. I am a big Paul Klee fan, so it's appropriate that I'd like a band named Klee.

Lunch today. These were delicious! 

Summertime Sadness has been on repeat the last few days. I'm loving the CD in general. 

Another new magazine title that I found. Such great articles. 

Organic Life had a few articles on gardening, which is perfect timing because we (well Craig) planted a few vegetables on Sunday.

I've been leaving out some carrots and the rabbits are enjoying them. I love waking up to see rabbits on our patio.

We biked to a new little free library about a mile from our house. This one is so cute!

Purchasing a roma tomato and a red pepper plant at Stein's!

I've been reading this ever so slowly.

I just found this Mad City Vegan Fest online tonight and am so excited to attend, as long as other plans don't pop up in late June!

Only two more days and then it's a long holiday weekend! We're hoping to hike, eat at a vegan restaurant in Wisconsin Dells and I want to just relax in general. 

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