Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Favorite Trader Joe's Products--September 2015 edition

I've loved Trader Joe's since I lived in Northern California. I was so happy when one opened up near my house a couple of years ago. I continue to shop there every couple of weeks for certain essentials like unsweetened almond milk, fruit and veggies, chocolate bars, eggs, etc. I love receiving their newsletter in the mail which includes recipes and descriptions of new products. 

Here are a few favorites I purchased recently--some new to me and some items I stock up on regularly.
  • Cards- they're only 99 cents and boast super cute designs and messages!
  • Organic pink lady apples- this variety became a favorite when I lived in Switzerland. I try to purchase organic whenever possible and this bag was only $5.99.
  • To the power of seven organic juice blend- I'm not a big juice drinker, but I really enjoyed this flavor. 
  • Organic Sriracha ranch dressing- I tried this on a whim and it's everything I expected it to be-spicy & different. It's great on salads or sandwiches. 
  • Organic Power to the Greens-a blend of kale, spinach and chard that I love to add to salads, smoothies and on sandwiches. 
  • Gluten free Ancient Grain & Super Seed Oatmeal-A great combination of healthy ingredients in one bag! It contains whole grain rolled oats, quinoa, amaranth flakes, almond slivers and sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, flax and chia seeds. I add berries and a bit of brown sugar to the mix to sweeten it up. 
  • Tofu Spring Rolls- I love to keep a package of these on hand for those mornings when I don't know what to pack for lunch.

Sriracha dressing on a big salad.
The Ancient Grain & Super Seed oatmeal is delicious with pomegranate seeds and raspberries!
If you shop at Trader Joe's, do you have any items you purchase on a regular basis or any newer favorites? 

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  1. So many... crackers, cheese (Delice, chevre), TJ wine from organic grapes, nuts, chocolate covered espresso beans, frozen chile rellanos (for when I just can't cook),... And, oh no, the peppermint Jo Jo's will be here before we know it