Thursday, November 12, 2015


Here's what I've been up to lately! (Basically, most of it has to do with moving, so you've been warned). I'm finally sitting down after a long day at our new house of cleaning, vacuuming and unpacking. I got a bit emotional driving to the new house this morning because I feel so lucky that Craig and I are moving to a place that we love so much.

Last weekend was full of more packing and labeling boxes.

One thing I miss lately is reading a good book. I haven't had much time or interest in reading, so I hope I'll get to do plenty of it this winter. I started The Martian earlier this week. Anyone read it? I heard mixed reviews.
We closed on our house on Wednesday morning! We celebrated after with some shopping, including checking out the Container Store and photographing lots of things we'll probably buy eventually. This adjustable OXO drawer organizer looks great!
We celebrated with lunch at Bel Air Cantina in Tosa. We love that green salsa--it's so delicious. Instead of margaritas, we ordered Mexican Smores as a special treat.
Unloading at the new place this morning. This is the first time I've ever owned or rented a house with a garage for me to park in (our current house has one but Craig usually parks in it because of timing with our commutes). I really appreciate having a garage for both of us to park in now and I know I will every single day this winter.
The previous owners left the welcome mat I loved so much! I even bought the exact same one from Target last week, but now I can return it. :)
 In the empty new place.
I took a break from cleaning to grab lunch at Good Harvest. Yum! I know I'll be heading there a lot for groceries and quick meals when we don't feel like cooking.
By 2:45, I was at 37 floors climbed according to my Fitbit (it's 9 p.m. now and I'm up to 54). Our new house has four levels, so I'll be getting my workout every time I clean the house from top to bottom.
Off to pack a little more before bed and to stretch my aching back. I vacuumed and swept so much today and my back is hating me.

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