Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? I started mine off with a haircut on beautiful Pewaukee Lake! 
My new stylist gave me a graduated bob, which I have always loved, so it's shorter in the back. Since I stink at curling my hair, she curled it for me and tried to teach me how. I'll practice with my wand because the clip kind freak me out.
I had Craig try to get some shots of me with the kitties. They're way too active for a photo shoot!
We had to run errands and started out with lunch at Jose's Blue Sombrero. It was our first time eating there! There weren't many veg options on the menu, so I asked our waiter about what I could customize. He was very helpful and told me to stick to black beans and white rice since neither were cooked with animal products like lard or chicken stock. I ordered a chimichanga with black beans and vegetables. It could have used some hot sauce, but otherwise I thought it was pretty good!
When we got back from failing to find anything at two furniture stores, we had curtains on our front doorstop delivered from Kohl'! (They're Sonoma Life + Style Gianna in Stillwater). They weren't my first choice but they are opaque, match our decor and are really 95" vs. being advertised as such and three inches shorter! I guess what I am trying to say is that it is so hard to find curtains--much more difficult than I ever expected.
I was getting sleepy mid-afternoon, so I laid down in bed and looked through a few books I picked up at the library that morning.
I spent much of the weekend on the computer. The kitties were always there to cuddle with me while I worked. 
I'm addicted to Serial again and learning so much about the Bergdahl case this time.
I received this Rose mask in a Sephora grab bag recently and tried it today. It smelled lovely and seemed to moisturize my parched skin as promised. And I still need to give myself a manicure tonight because I haven't gotten around to that yet. 
While Craig went to see Star Wars by himself, I ran to a few stores in the afternoon.

I stopped by Malabar Coast coffee for a vanilla strawberry rhubarb scone and caramel mocha. Both were delicious.
Once home, I put things away and then went for a walk before the sunset. I still love that our neighborhood has sidewalks and trails bordering it.
 Have a great week!

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  1. Your hair is so cute! Good idea to have the stylist give you curling lessons--I have the same problem.

    We have a Jose's Blue Sombrero right by us that I have never tried so we may need to pop over sometime. Have a great Christmas!