Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 2]

Here's what week 2 of 2016 looked like.

The last season of Downton!
 I could so relate to this after a week off over the holidays.
 Back to the grind.
Trying to leave my windowless office and go work in the sunshine, with a big cup of coffee of course.
 I'm enjoying this book, but wanted to finish it this week so I can move onto a new one.
 Tried to win the lottery twice, but didn't have any luck.
Read part of the new dietary guidelines on my lunch break. Anyone else glance at them? I'm pretty happy with the suggestions I saw.
 Stalking Shiva on the Foscam. He was yawning for about two minute straight and so cute.
I started playing Words with Friends with my mom again. It's been a long time since I played. She already beat me. It's good brain training.
Received the new Marie Kondo book in the mail through Blogging for Books! Once I finish the Gillibrand book, I'm onto this one. Stay tuned for a review soon.
Watched Making a Murderer nearly every night this week with a big cup of tea in hand (Karis, I still think of you every time I use that mug). We only have one more episode to go. I don't want to get into my opinion too much, but I think Avery's lawyers are so cool and smart, I cringe at the horrible Wisconsin accents (not everyone here sounds like that) and my stomach literally hurt yesterday.
I left work early on Friday and stopped at Good Harvest on my way home for groceries and lunch.

Found lots of good deals on healthy items.

The salad I picked up was delicious. It was just roasted veggies, greens and hard boiled eggs. 
I left work early that day to wait for our new couch to be delivered! Here I am waiting with Pema, who wouldn't leave me alone and kept biting my fingers.
The new couch! I need to do a house tour photo when things are more finished and take better photos. This one's a little dark. The couch is Rowe brand and the style is Martin. We had to special order the configuration.
 The kitties were happy to have proper furniture in our living room!
 And now that we have a couch, we could put out our new rug too!
Redeemed Wellcoin points for another fantastic item!
 My new view coming down our staircase.
 I've been really into sparkling water lately. I liked this flavor from Trader Joe's and the price!
Craig and I had a date day on Saturday. We went to Marty's for pizza. We ordered a medium and they accidentally made us a large--score!
 Used my Kohl's $5 reward for a coffee and cookie at the new Kohl's cafe.
I loved the wood wall in the cafe. 
Our date included seeing this. It was pretty good. I think I would have preferred seeing a movie set in a tropical climate vs. a snowy one, especially because it snowed pretty badly while we were in the theater.
Still lamp shopping. Trying out this configuration. I find myself taking photos of things and going back to buy them later, once I decide whether or not they'll work for us.
And still rug shopping. I like the tan one on top for our dining room. We have way too much blue in the living and dining room space, so it's time to get some beige mixed in.
 I've been obsessed with terrariums and succulents lately. They're so pretty.
 Finally tried Cold Brew coffee. I really enjoy this flavor!
As you can tell, I failed at getting the DSLR this week and only shot with my phone. I need to work on using the DSLR more every day.

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  1. Love the glowing cat eyes in the couch/rug photo :) I've never played Words with Friends but I've been playing Scrabble via facebook with a former co-worker in England since 2007. We used to play on our lunch break and have continued to play daily since I moved back. Seeing that Kohl's Cafe makes me so thankful I no longer deal with their food permits, candy and K-Cups were enough of a hassle.