Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 10]

I started out the week by watching a DVD I enjoyed that I saw on another blog. Some of the stories of couples made me sad, but those same ones made me appreciate my relationship with Craig. 
Monday night was dinner at Beerline Cafe with a former colleague! I had a yummy tofu scramble (don't feel like I can get ever get sick of that place) and this tasty kombucha by Tapuat Brewing Co.! Loved the lighthouse art on the label too.
I won a gift basket of various oils from the Good Harvest Pewaukee health fair market!
I'm not a big fan of "hearts" in art but I kind of like this one for our bedroom near wedding photos. Not sure about it yet, so I took a photo. I found it at Hobby Lobby.
I've been digging this Paula's Choice exfoliant I received through BzzAgent! My skin has been acne prone lately and it seems to have helped a bit.
My super kind co-worker's family was not using their bike trainer, so she brought it in for me! I haven't set it up yet, but it will be glorious to bike indoors in the colder months or on rainy days! I'm so grateful.
I thought this was kind of funny. I texted it to Craig and told him he probably feels this way about me lately since I've been in a cranky funk.
 And that cranky funk is because I need to do the below.
Getting a facial on Friday at the beauty school made me happy and relaxed. And my facialist told me to use a liquid exfoliant, so I was pleased to hear that.
I don't remember what they were watching, but it's unusual to see the kitties look up at the TV like this, unless there are birds on the screen.
We had to go to our old house (that is sadly still for sale) and fix something that's been an ongoing problem with some showings. I couldn't do any more work, so I put my feet up and relaxed.
And when I got anxious and cold, I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It's really weird to walk around a subdivision you no longer live in.
We are still furniture shopping for some major pieces, like a dining room table. Both of us don't really feel like one is necessary because we don't anticipate using it a whole lot. We're pretty picky and this one was just ok once we knew we could pick out different finishes and chairs.
I was hangry while furniture shopping, so we checked out a sub place near our old house that we'd never been to. I got a yummy three cheese and veggie sub and it had a unique and delicious sauce on it.
After a two hour stop at my in-laws house to visit with them, I was still hungry and we stopped at Jamba Juice so I could try out an Island Pitaya energy bowl. It was yummy! I've never tried an acai bowl and I want to order that one next. 
I skimmed the NY Times magazine work issue over the weekend. So many relevant articles and quotes! I loved the article about meetings. I'm definitely just a maker that wants to work, not meet!
The roomba did its thing cleaning today and that meant our barstools were temporarily stored on the couch. Silly Shiva posed on one and I just had to capture it. He cracks me up.
Can't believe it's the last episode of Downton tonight! So sad. I hope it ends well!

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  1. My one dining table tip is don't get counter height...not sure if those are even popular anymore? When we were shopping in 2009, they made up about 75% of the options available. Really wishing we had gotten a normal height table instead.