Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 11]

I meant to post this on Sunday, but I've been crazy busy since then! Here's what last week looked like.

I started reading Bill Bryson's new book and am enjoying it. He's one of my favorite authors.
I'm a podcast hoarder and found another one to look forward to listening to! I'm also a Dan Harris fan! I like his honesty a lot.
 Snack time at work! This Cinnamon French Toast flavor was amazing!
 I have been enjoying adding PB Slim into my smoothies more often.
 Pretty sky on a walk at night with Craig.
Lots of walking outside last week with warmer temps.
My nephew inherited my sister-in-law's Fitbit and he's super competitive. Loved this text exchange with him. He kicked my butt all week.
 Another great book came in at the library! They always come in all at once and then I can never keep up.
 Look who I found in my grocery bags. Troublemaker.
 An afternoon treat of iced coffee and trail mix at work.
 I add tabasco sauce to everything. It livened up a kind of boring cous cous salad.
My friend Danielle was brainstorming fun winter activities we could do with her daughters a couple of months ago and one idea was rollerskating indoors! It took me back to my teenage years for sure. It was so much fun!
Me with Danielle's daughter, who is quite the character. She yelled at me for cutting off her head in the seflie. Well, sorry! Selfies are hard kid.
 Tanzi and his favorite ball. Can't believe this boy is turning 10 next week.

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