Friday, March 18, 2016

Stitch Fix Review March 2016

This month's Stitch Fix box was a bummer. I was pretty disappointed by a couple of things--the clothes were all darkly colored in nature (not what I wanted to see in dreary March I guess), the styles were boring and the fit of all of the clothes were off. My stylist randomly changed and I missed the one I had for my previous two boxes!
It looked promising when I took this photo, especially the printed top. I really want more printed shirts.
I kept these earrings. Not because I loved them or anything, but they were the best thing I received. They're Bay to Baubles brand and called Jacoba Statement drop earrings.
Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt: Returned. I'm just not into this whole plaid shirt trend. It reminds me too much of the 90's or lumberjacks.
41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse: Returned. I think I've received this same style shirt about three or four times now and it never fits right where the sleeves hit my arms. I liked the print though.
See, the arm wants to flip up naturally!

Eclair Pip Crew Neck Blouse: Returned. This was on my Pinterest style page and I liked it on the woman who pinned it, but not on me.
I did think the detailing on it was unique and pretty though.
Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean: Returned. These didn't fit and I did not need another pair of jeans.
Way too long and just not an overall great fit. 
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  1. Too bad the print shirt didn't work--really cute. This looks like fun, though it might require more optimism than I have ;-)

  2. Hey, I had the exact same patterned shirt with the strange sleeves in my first Fix last month. I didn't keep that shirt for that reason. I wasn't too disappointed with my fix. I assume you know you can ask to keep your same stylist if you like them. Maybe they changed out because you weren't overly excited about your last one? I've been totally obsessed with Stitch Fix stuff and looking for people on-line who have good experiences. I started following this page on Pinterest. She also has a blog and appears to get some pretty cute stuff. I am just paranoid that I will get bad stuff, so I am searching for everything I can to make my Fix turn out well. I really hope that you can get better ones too.