Friday, April 1, 2016

Graze snack box review

I got an offer code for a free box of Graze recently and enjoyed it! I loved throwing these little snack packages into my work lunch bag all week. If you want to get a free four pack sampler box, use my code LISAP7DCP or click here

I told them what types of snacks I would like and specified that I was a vegetarian. 
My least favorite item was the Creamy Ranch kern pops at the top left of the photo below. I wasn't fond of how hard they were to chew on and was worried I'd break a tooth on them!

I loved the butterscotch popcorn flapjacks and the billionaires' shortbread. The cinnamon pretzels were just ok.
The Garden of England package was a nice midmorning snack at work. I loved having a savory snack like the Thai sweet chili bites.
 The cocoa cookie dippers with cherry compote were delicious!
Have you ever tried Graze or a similar snack subscription box?

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