Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 15]

We're at week fifteen of my everyday life project! 

Fitbit added another fun feature to their app! It keeps track of whether or not you take 250 steps every hour between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. I usually can tell when I've sat in a meeting because I don't meet the 250 steps then. Too many sitting meetings and not enough walking ones!
I had Wednesday off of work so I could go to an early morning health risk assessment at Craig's workplace. I continued the tradition of going to my parents' house after and to the YMCA with my mama. We walked the track for a while, then I rowed and did some strength training. 
Loved this nutrition board up at the Y.

We went to Home Depot after. I wanted to show mom the beautiful succulents and check out the adirondack chairs. I really want a couple for our patio, so I was scoping out the colors and price. 
Then we went to a quilt store that carries more modern books and fabrics. I looked through a couple of books and found two potential quilts I'd like my mom to make me. Here is one of them--very plain, but that's what I like!
This is the book it came from, which had lots of great patterns. 

I had a dream where I was trying to speak Spanish and couldn't remember how to say "where are you from?" At the end of the dream, I finally said, "oh it's 'de donde eres'!" I took it as a sign that I needed to keep up with my Spanish language skills more often and got back to using Duolingo again. 
I received a fantastic array of items to try out from Uncommon Goods last week. One of them was this handheld berry bowl and I have used it three times so far! As someone who considers berries one of her favorite fruits, I knew I would get good use out of it. I'll be posting about the rest of the items I received in the next couple of weeks!
Listened to so many podcasts this week. In this Simple Roots Radio one, Yuri mentions how he thinks kids should be learning about nutrition in school vs. other subjects they may not use the rest of their lives! I always say that and I wish that would change somehow. 
A field trip to the Milwaukee County Historical Society for work! I had no clue this awesome room existed. 
I took this for Craig because he loves the movie Public Enemies and they used one of the safes at the historical society for a scene in the movie.
I had to run to Bayshore on Friday night and stopped to treat myself to a hazelnut and almond gelato.
 Pema yelling at me, as always.
The kitties enjoying the sunshine. Yes, that is snow in our yard in mid-April. It has since melted.
On Saturday morning, we met my colleague at our old house to say goodbye to this loveseat. One piece of furniture gone, a couple more to go. We also placed a recliner out on the curb and I am glad that is gone too. 
Picked this up at the library because I've heard good things about it. I like it so far. It's the type of mystery I was looking for a month ago.
Craig and I were outside Saturday afternoon because I needed photos taken for my Orvis spring wardrobe post and the kitties watched from behind the patio doors, probably thinking we were crazy.
After a birthday celebration lunch at my in-laws today, I headed over to Cafe Manna for my first ever class there! I love the restaurant, but had never taken a class before. It was called "Food as Medicine" and I loved all two hours of it. I walked away with a nice packet of information and learned a lot from teacher Barbara Chernov

We also had quite a bit to eat--a yogurt lassi, the paneer pea dish below and basmati rice & quinoa with cilantro chutney and dal. Everything was so delicious. 

Now I'm just cleaning the house, putting away laundry and cuddling with the kitties. Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Those strawberries look yummy!! And I love that photo of the cats in the sun :)

    Cheers from Germany.