Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 16]

Finally watched a few episodes of Cooked on Netflix this week. I started with the fire episode, which involved lots of meat and I had to turn away a lot of the time.
I attended an excellent (& free) class on fueling for running at Performance Running Outfitters. This was my haul and we got to try so many products after the class was over too. I definitely had some favorites. Can't wait to try some of these on longer runs and bike rides. 
Yes please! Wait, actually I changed my mind. I'd like to retire at 36 instead (in 4 months).
Door to Door Organics order! It was our first time trying Red Hen bread. I only recently learned that Craig loves sourdough. Even though I haven't watched the episode about bread yet on Cooked, I was inspired by the tweets I keep seeing of people's sourdough loaves.
On Thursday morning, I was about 5 minutes away from work when I got a text from Craig saying he was locked out of the house. Up until this weekend, we were the only two people with keys, so I had to punch in, check with my boss, grab a few things to work on, punch out and head all the way back home to stay there and work the rest of the day. I think his mistake was a blessing in disguise because working from home > being in the office. Loved being with my kitties, sunlight streaming in through a window, working in my sweats and no distractions. I got so much done!
When I was all done and "punched out" late afternoon, I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood.
 Is it weird that I love seeing the progress of new home sites being built?
I was off of work on Friday morning because I had to work 2nd shift, so I went to Good Harvest for a great class on muscle imbalances and spring cleaning. I learned a lot! I shopped after and ended up with the following. That Seattle Cider Co. berry cider was consumed this weekend and it was delicious. Can't wait to try more from them. Oh and I've decided that Stonyfield banilla yogurt tastes like banana cream pie.
We headed to ACE hardware on Saturday morning to get some extra keys made and I saw this cute kitchen towel. I should have purchased it.
And I liked this, of course. 
I was keen on purchasing an adirondack chair this spring and we went home with one in my favorite color, teal. It's so comfy and now lives on our front porch.
After a few errands, we went to downtown Pewaukee. I grabbed a few things at a cute pet store and then we a got banana cream pie ice cream waffle cone to share at the Chocolate Factory. It was a gorgeous Saturday, so downtown and the beach were pretty busy!
We walked to a pond and spotted some cute turtles sitting on a log. Craig's a big fan of turtles and it turns out I am too. 
I made my first acai smoothie bowl at home Sunday morning! It's not overly sweet, which I kind of liked.
 Craig smiling after being silly. I love it when he smiles this way.
Silly face. 
 Tanzi looks so sweet here. He's such a nice kitty.
We worked in our yard the majority of the weekend, removing dead parts of plants and picking up sticks, etc. Love seeing the new growth already starting!
It was such an unbelievably gorgeous weekend. I felt much more energetic as a result of the sun and warmer temps. It helped that I could finally wear my beloved Birkenstock sandals and shorts again.
Berry hard cider and a new magazine. 
We tried a new Mexican restaurant near our house. I was convinced the margarita pitcher we ordered had no alcohol in it.
I got a pretty yummy taco salad filled with lots of veggies and topped it with sour cream and guacamole!
Where we spent a lot of the weekend. It's looking better and cleaned up now. I like the hay like grass plants in the foreground when they're much taller.
Have a wonderful week! I'm starting mine out with two vacation days from work!

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