Monday, May 16, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 20]

Fossils were given away to guests of a program I coordinated and I brought one home for us to keep! It's a fossilized fern from Illinois!
I went to a volunteer training on Wednesday night and Grace the kestrel was there to greet me when I arrived. I had previously seen her at the raptor program we attended last month. She's imprinted on people so she was loving the attention from everyone who went up to her window to say hi. I can't wait to start volunteering soon! I'll be feeding baby birds at a wildlife center.
When I got back from training, Craig and I went on a walk around the neighborhood. He spotted an owl on the roof of a house and thought it was surely fake. I saw its head move and got excited that it was real. At one point, the owl flew off the house and close to the street, which was so amazing to watch. We both think it's the first time we have seen an owl in the wild. I love living in the "country!"
I went from sleeping horribly to sleeping through the night. Wednesday is on the left and Thursday night is on the right.
Spotted at the library. This is my kind of meditation! Have you seen the video?
Celebratory snack and drink after work on Thursday!
We keep spotting turkeys in our yard! Craig saw the red head and thought it was a kid with a red hat on running on the grass!
Relaxing at a new to us library on Saturday morning. I love reading different magazines. Both issues were really good.

I am so appreciative that my husband loves exploring libraries as much as I do! 
A reminder to use this site through the library. I love languages!
Cute rain barrels in the library/city hall lobby. This cat reminded me of Tanzi.
After we were libraryed out, we enjoyed brunch at Lumber Inn in Delafield. It was really good! I'll write a separate blog post about it soon.

This combines two things I love--succulents and birds!
Craig and I have been pulling the invasive garlic mustard plant out of our woods. See all of those plants behind him? That's the nasty garlic mustard! I do not like this job one bit and we'll have to do this for the next 5 plus years to keep it away!
 Showing how he really feels about the plant (by flipping it off)!
My new favorite smoothie--BeFit chocolate protein powder, frozen raspberries (and cherries sometimes), plus almond milk. I'm happy that Craig likes it too--he's usually not a big fan of protein powder. 

I video chatted with a Registered Dietitian on Friday afternoon and she said I should try to get more protein into my diet, so I've been on a smoothie kick. I'll also be posting about my wonderful experience talking to her soon.  
It was pretty chilly here on Saturday and I can't believe we turned the fireplace on to warm up! Pema was so happy.
Pema was much warmer on Sunday morning. The sun was finally out and the boys enjoyed sitting by the front door.
Craig was messing around with upgrading the wi-fi on Saturday. I was working on some important things online, but alas, something went wrong with his upgrade. I shut my laptop and read a bit while I waited for the problem to be fixed.
We walked 2.4 miles on the Glacial Drumlin Trail on Sunday evening. It was our first time checking the trail out and we liked it. We may consider biking on it in the future, but you do have to pay to bike on it and we have another free trail closer to us. Anyway, it felt great to be out in nature watching birds, people and seeing hills formed by the glaciers. 
Last week seems like it was pretty normal from these photos, but I made a big decision and went forward with it. I'm not ready to share it here on the blog yet, but I will soon. It's pretty crazy, but I am very happy.

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  1. My bookclub went to see the author of "H is for Hawk" at the SANC last month. Unfortunately, I left the book on the plane coming home from Vegas :( so now I guess I need to check it out from the library. We have had an owl on one of our trees for a couple years--a friend identified a stray feather or we might never have looked and spotted it. Cool birds!