Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 21]

The weather has been beautiful this weekend, but I spent most of it inside working on preparing for something. I am taking a break to get my everyday life post out in time!

We had a little visitor to our house on Monday night. Craig and I were outside reading on the front porch and the outdoor cat in our neighborhood, Jasper, was outside too. Pretty soon, he wandered around toward our house while walking with his owner. She brought him up to the front door and he met Tanzi through the glass! Tanzi was so excited to see him. I wondered if Jasper reminded him of Karma.

His owner left and he came around the back of our house to start hunting in the woods.
I went to a free pickleball clinic at a local park! It was so much fun to play. My friend plays it and knew I'd love it too. I met so many nice people (mostly senior citizens) and enjoyed playing a few games. I need to work on my serve and my excuse is that I am used to the overhead serve played in tennis. The teacher said that my returns were strong and I just need to practice the serve. I definitely want to sign up for a class in winter. I am very excited that in about two to three years, we should have pickleball courts within walking distance of our house.
Craig loves the prohibition era gangsters, so we attended a talk at a local library. It was fun to learn some new information and see lots of photos of places they stayed at in Wisconsin.
One of my former interns and I had lunch at the adorable Urban Beets cafe and juicery on Thursday. I'll write a separate post with a review of it. I might go back there and try a juice or smoothie this week.
Craig and I went to Stein's Garden and Gifts to get some items for our garden. I was in awe of all of the beautiful flowers. 
So many vegetables to choose from!
We decided on planting two tomato plants in a garden near the woods. Craig took care of that while I planted the brussels sprouts and broccoli plants in containers. I've never grown either, so we'll see how they do.
Before heading to work Friday afternoon, I picked up a free egg and cheese sandwich from Starbucks. They randomly had a sandwich without sausage on it, so I got super lucky! I also ordered a caramel iced coffee.
Happy to be coordinating my last ever sleepover program! You can now guess what I've been alluding to in terms of changes, but more on that to come later. 
The pretty Milwaukee skyline while at work on Friday evening. 
I really want to grow spinach this year, so I was debating getting some seeds. I think I'll probably go for it.
Craig and I both love it when Shiva sits on our shoulder and puts his paw up on our arm. Tanzi is pretty darn cute at snuggling too!
This is how I spent most of the weekend prepping for something. The cats are always little distractors.
Craig being silly with Pema. Love his face here.
Saturday afternoon lunch--kale salad with raspberries and cucumbers. Pema was sitting next to me and was obsessed with the way the poppyseed dressing smelled.
"Craig's" orchid finally bloomed! He has the green thumb so he takes care of the delicate orchids.
Pema is featured a lot in this post--he's yelling at me here. I went outside to take pictures of the full moon. Have you seen Mars in the sky yet? I did!
My attempt at a photo! I always feel like the full moon causes strange things to happen and it did this month too. 
Shiva kneading on me.
That's all folks! Have a great week!


  1. I played pickleball once for a Kohl's team outing and it was really fun, but extremely cold because it was outside in February! We were at that expensive gym in Brookfield, can't remember the name.

  2. Okay now you have me curious. But on the subject of neighborhood cats, we have been bringing our cats to Door County where the neighbor's outdoor cat will come by and sit outside our patio doors. Our big black male HATES him, and turns into a big black puff ball, while the outdoor cat just sits amused like, "chill dude." No budding friendships here...