Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 27]

Here's what my week 27 of 2016 looked like:

I'm still on the hunt for new items for our house. We need a comforter for the guest bedroom and I'm kind of digging that neutral one on the bottom. It's on sale right now too.
I got two medical appointments in this week--the dentist for a cleaning and the doctor. I like the new doctor I saw. She understood why I was a vegetarian due to my IBD. So much better than my last doc who questioned why I was vegetarian and other life choices I made. I had some labs drawn too and I'm healthy on this diet so it seems like I'm doing something right. The only thing I need is more Vitamin D. I'm religious about sunscreen, but I purposely sat outside without it a couple of times this week to absorb some through my skin.
After the doc, I walked over to the Starbucks next door to try out the new pink drink with my star reward! It was delicious, of course.
 After that, I ran to Woodmans for some groceries!
 What a little rascal.
 This smoothie bowl wasn't my favorite I've ever made. You win some you lose some I guess.
My lunch most days this week. I think my new work lunch is going to be veggie wraps filled with hummus and whatever veggies I have on hand plus spinach.
I met some former colleagues for drinks and a pretzel at Cafe Bavaria in Tosa! It was nice to see them and catch up. We all ordered radlers. I had the pear nectar and it was tasty. Now I'm craving it since it's the perfect summer drink.
I texted Craig this collage on Thursday morning. He was out of town for three days and two nights this week and all four of us missed him terribly. Well, I think the cats did. Pema was acting out actually and I swear he knew something was different with his routine. 
 I stopped and "smelled the roses" a couple of times--literally and figuratively.
Ever since I saw a story about it on my favorite TV show, CBS Sunday Morning, I wanted to watch Outlander. I ordered it from the library and I think I've already watched six episodes this weekend! I'm obsessed with it!

I finally checked out the Waukesha Farmers Market on Saturday morning! There were so many vendors than I expected.
I picked up a Mango Palmer at The Steaming Cup booth. Yum! I saved half of it for Craig too, who was hanging at the library while I shopped the market.
A pretty view as I walked to the library. 
Craig and I drove around a few subdivisions, looking at old houses. We found a little free library and talked to the owners of it for a bit since they were outside. They were a cute old couple and the lady asked me what type of book I was looking for. I picked out the Kristin Hannah novel and she recommended the Alexander McCall Smith one.
I finally washed all of my new snapware by hand this week and am excited to use glass more than plastic. Even though the plastic containers we have are BPA free, I don't trust they aren't doing some kind of harm.
I'm back to reading one of the best books I've picked up this year, How Not to Die. I need to buy this book down the road and reread it. I highly recommend it.
 Tom + Chee on Saturday night! Craig loves that place. I do too.
I enjoy their tomato basil soup and I got a half of a pumpernickel rye with swiss and pepper jack. I was so excited to see they have hot sauce in the condiments section now! That made my day. I'm a bit of a hot sauce fan. I use it every single day.
I saw this cider on Celiac in the City's instagram account and asked her where she found it since I love cider and cherry flavored anything. She found it at Brennan's Market in Brookfield, so we headed there on Saturday. I plan on trying it tomorrow.
I was happy to see one of my moss roses bloom overnight. Yay! I typically don't have a green thumb, so I am always surprised to see things I grew from seeds actually thriving.
I hadn't made banana "nice" cream in ages and we both love it. I wanted to try a new recipe I found earlier in the week that incorporated frozen bananas, chocolate protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon, cacao powder and maple syrup. It was delicious and so easy to make in the food processesor! I topped mine with almonds, chia seeds and raw cacao nibs.
Since I was pretty lazy with my Outlander addiction and all, we got out of the house to play tennis tonight. I love playing, but unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of energy for it today. 

Hope you're having a great 4th of July weekend! 

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  1. Sounds like a good week. And you seem more relaxed already. I just gave my old tupperware bowls to one of my daughters since I use mostly pyrex now. Felt good to get it out of the cupboards.