Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 28]

Spotted pretty milkweed on a walk near a wooded area. I'm paying way more attention to plants because we live in the country and there are so many I don't recall seeing in the city before. 
Ugh, not happy with how my roots look after I just paid a lot of money to get highlights/lowlights. I hated to do it, but I actually complained and I am getting it redone this week. I wanted to look good for my first day of at the new job. I am also kind of sick of dying my hair. I liked my natural color when I was growing it out for Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
 These are yummy! I am not used to eating salt anymore, so they do taste a bit too salty to me.
 Yep, this is me. If it said hard cider instead of wine, I would have placed it in my cart.
The closest I have found to Bircher Muesli in a restaurant is the Chilled Swiss Oatmeal at Corner Bakery. I enjoyed breakfast there with my friend Danielle.
The band Garbage finally played at Summerfest for the first time ever, so of course we had to go!
We both thought they were really good! My ex used to be obsessed with them and I always liked the band too, so I knew a lot of the songs they played. 

Th best shot I got of Shirley Manson all night.
Gym day with mama! We walked the track, biked and I rowed a little bit. I also randomly ran into my friend there!
I got an exclusive hard hat tour of Craig's work! 
 Cute and historic Klatt houses!
 My dad watching for me as I walked to their house from my husband's work.
 Mom made these and once I tasted them, I knew I had to get the recipe. They are delicious!
Hooray (or should I say ho hum) a new Stitch Fix came! Per usual, wasn't in love and I'll post a review soon.
 Still loving watching those moss roses grow.
Shiva was extra cuddly on my last day off before going back to work. I love spending time with this little guy.
Mom sitting in a chair we debated getting from Costco. I loved the modern look of the recliner. When I took Craig back to see it in person, he was disappointed in the color and we passed. We bought a much needed dehumidifier instead. We still need about four or five pieces of furniture. Can't West Elm sponsor a post and send me a dresser and a desk please?
I made these Oat Almond and Date Energy Bites. They were perfect! I plan to make them again. Perfect snack.
 Spotted in the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine! Yes, he is my best friend! :)
I finally laid some contact paper in my bathroom drawers.
The sawfly invasion has not defeated me yet! My brussels sprouts and broccoli are doing wonderfully!
We went to the Good Harvest and Humane Animal Welfare Society Ice Cream social on Saturday and it was so good. I had a yummy portabella mushroom sandwich on an Angelic Bakehouse sprouted grain bun and Craig ate the corn salad. I also had a tasty beer and got day drunk, which I haven't done since I was in college. It was fun! I was so chatty and silly.
I was so ecstatic to see they had beet ketchup! It was really good. 
I also may have gotten a little too happy because of how cute the kittens there were. I mean--look at that precious face!
We enjoyed $3 soy ice cream bowls after lunch. I loaded mine up with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. It was heavenly.
The rest of the weekend was spent reading, strength training, cleaning and at a memorial brunch for Craig's Aunt that recently passed away of cancer.

Wish me luck on this first week at a new job! I'm excited and nervous to start tomorrow morning!

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  1. The kitten is darling--I'd probably have brought it home if I'd been drinking!