Monday, September 5, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 33]

I'm taking this extra day off to do a little catching up on my everyday life posts and others in general.

Here's what the week of August 8th through the 14th included! Since I was in Washington DC all week, it's basically a travelogue.

My roomie and I woke up bright and early on Monday the 8th and hit the hotel gym! I needed some fresh air before being stuck inside all day, so I went for a walk along the National Harbor.
 Introvert time in the hotel lobby. Conferences are exhausting!
A trip to Mount Vernon where we were greeted by lots of costumed interpreters. It was my second time there, but I got literal chills when we walked on-site. I am such a history nerd!
 GW gave us this gorgeous sunset to look at!
 Drinks and dinner on the lawn!
Our tour of Mount Vernon had to be paused at the perfect time! We heard a little speech from GW himself and then we got to watch fireworks over the Potomac from the back porch! More chills. I felt so lucky to be there.
On a visit to the museum exhibits, a girl walking in front of my roomie Jess and I had a genius idea--to face swap with George Washington. Jess and I found a way to do it and after a few attempts, we got it to work!
I woke up very early again on Tuesday morning to run/walk the 5K our conference had arranged! I was proud to have run 2 miles straight of it. I hit a wall around mile 2.5 when I realized I needed some food and water stat.
Conference outfit! Flats were a must because I walked almost 15,000 steps every day. Don't know how that happened with sitting most of the day, but I did walk a lot on breaks and in the morning.
We were on our own for dinner on Tuesday evening and Jess and I checked out a mexican restaurant near our hotel. This margarita was so good.
 A fuzzy pic of my roomie and I on our last night there!
The National Harbor was such a pretty setting for a conference. We never made it to DC, which I now regret. I have been there three other times before and I'd like to go back with Craig someday anyway.
 Saying goodbye to the pretty hotel atrium.
I was off of work on that Friday I got back and vegged all day by watching track and field on the Olympics.
We checked out Portillo's over that weekend! Neither of us had hot dogs, so I guess we couldn't really judge the place. My veggie sandwich was ok.

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