Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Everyday Life [Weeks 43 & 44]

Catching up on what the last two weeks looked like!

See the hawk I was stalking with my binoculars up in the tree? There are less trees on our leaves now and I can more easily watch for birds of prey in our backyard.
My colleague and I headed to Sam's Club and she said everyone she shops with poses with the nutcracker, so she snapped this silly photo of me. And can I just say--Halloween hasn't even happened yet and there are already Christmas items in the stores!? Oh America. 
I went to see Jack Bishop from America's Test Kitchen speak about Cook's Science at Boswell Books! He was an excellent speaker and I learned so much about quinoa, kale, mushrooms, whisking, and more! Here's the quinoa tip--if you buy the prewashed type, wash it again anyway to get rid of the bitterness.
My week was made when America's Test Kitchen and PBS liked my tweets! Have you seen the PBS documentary on Hamilton? I wasn't really interested in the broadway show until I saw it (I love history but I am not a big musical fan)!
 A Shiva photobomb! Spot the kitty behind the curtain?
My parents and I went to watch my nephew play soccer and I played a bit with my other nephew, which was so much fun! Kicking the ball around made me miss playing it.
 Multimasking with these two types. I am pleased with both masks.
The fox statue at our local library and the pile of items I checked out.
I started reading Hausfrau and Clearing Clutter. I am almost done with Hausfrau and it's a different fictional read for me. It's set in Zurich, so it's bringing back memories of my many visits there. 
A beautiful fall day on the Carroll University campus. We checked out their library (can you tell that my husband and I are big fans of libraries).
The photo below shall be titled "the things non-profit workers do the day before a very important event, such as learning how to steam aprons." I had so much to do and worked a very long day since I hadn't planned on steaming aprons for a couple of hours.
If I were to dress up for Halloween tomorrow, I'd likely wear this costume since I am a huge fan of hot sauce.
 I picked up this new to me kombucha at Target this week. It was really good!
 Snuggling with Pema on Friday.
I caught two really good programs on PBS yesterday morning. The second one had me glued to the couch for an hour. It was called "Eat Fast and Live Longer." I learned so much about IGF-1, fasting and aging! I highly recommend watching it and I found it on YouTube if you'd like to watch it there.

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