Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 1]

Here is what my everyday life looked like during this first week of the year!

I've been learning French via Duolingo and enjoying it! If we go to France this year, I won't feel so lost.
I am reading this book and like it so far, which is a relief since I had started two other books earlier this week and they were duds. I love the book cover!
Caught my little Shiva with his tongue out!
I met a former colleague for lunch at Urban Beets on Saturday and we had a delicious meal!
I got the Vegan Reuben sandwich and a Tummy Tamer green juice. 
After lunch, I ran to Boswell Books to use up two gift cards that I have had for over a year. One of my goals is to cook more this year, so I finally decided to invest in Minimalist Baker's cookbook. I have a fair number of cookbooks already, but want to make more plant-based and gluten-free recipes.
I sent a photo of this book to Craig while I was at the bookstore. I glanced through it and found it to be really funny! It would make a great gag gift.
 I escaped the frigid temps by getting a latte and raspberry scone at Collectivo!
Pema being silly, as always. 
We went furniture shopping this afternoon and then checked out the new Point Burger Bar for lunch. 
Ugh, it is time for a haircut. My hair is just blah lately and I am so glad I booked an appointment for this week. 
We liked being able to build our own burgers and check off the various toppings on a card. 
We both ordered veggie burgers on pretzel rolls and they were yummy!
There is a go-kart place attached to the restaurant, so we walked over there to check that out. It looked like a fun winter activity!

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