Monday, January 30, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 4]

I was filling my water bottle up at work and suddenly, I looked up and realized this work of art looked familiar. See the resemblance to Trump? Maybe it's just me. 
Love library dates with my husband! I picked up this book and it's great! I want the house on the cover. Maybe we'll retire in a tiny home. 
The rest of this post might as well be called "what I ate last week" because it's mainly about food!

I was craving peanut butter last week so these hit the spot.
I went to a great program on "food as medicine" and the speakers handed out this sheet. I always love to have a reminder of what to try to buy organic.
Besides peanut butter, I was also craving chocolate last week. These are so good!
Picked up this free magazine at the grocery store and it's full of really good content.
 This was just meh. I was desperate since I craved hot chocolate and we didn't have any in the house.
Um, did I mention I was craving peanut butter and chocolate? So I made peanut butter oat balls and took them to work to have as dessert or as a snack. I just mixed up PB, chocolate chips, quick oats, honey, and chia seeds.
Pema really loved the peanut butter too. I allowed him one tiny lick.

Craig worked three sixteen plus hour days in a row and my sleep also suffered. I was so glad I picked this up at Trader Joe's on Friday night because I needed it very badly on Saturday morning. I sipped it in the car as I drove to meet a friend for lunch.
After a delicious lunch at an Indian buffet, my friend and I checked out the land she's building on and then the model of her new house. Her model was in the Parade of Homes a couple of years ago and both of us loved it. I could have pictured Craig and I living there too. I'm so glad her and her family will move into a beautiful new home come summer. 
And then we headed to the outlet mall! Per usual, she picked up a few things and I found nothing except something to drink. Surprise, surprise, it was a hot chocolate! I ordered a hazelnut flavored one. Did you know that you can order a Lindt hot chocolate with any flavor truffle found in the store?
It was delicious, of course!

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