Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Natural Makeup: Inika Foundation Light/Medium Trial Pack

My colleague ordered this Inika trial pack and kindly gave the remaining samples to me. I had heard of the brand before, but since it is Australian, Inika is not as mainstream as other natural makeup lines. 
A trial pack is $8 and comes with the following items pictured below. Because she ordered two sample packs, I tried both the beige and cream liquid foundations. 

My thoughts on the samples:
  • Certified Organic Pure Primer: I found it to work really well with my skin type (combination to oily). I think it also helped my makeup stay put all day. I would purchase this in a larger size.
  • Certified Organic Liquid Foundation: I loved the cream shade and found it to be perfect for my fair skin. The beige was just a tad too dark, but would be nice if I ever let my face get exposed to the sun this summer! I would purchase the cream foundation in the future. I actually felt like I had a nice glow wearing it, especially when paired with the primer. I had a few people comment on my skin too, which I thought was funny because I am my own worst critic. 
  • Loose Mineral Foundation: this was also quite nice. The unity shade was a good match for me. 

Swatches of the cream foundation on top and the beige on the bottom.

Inika Organics is cruelty free, vegan, organic, and boasts other wonderful certifications.

If you are looking for a beautiful foundation with the above criteria, I would definitely recommend this trial pack to see which shades and types of foundation work best for you.

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