Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 34]

I'm a bit behind, so here's week 34. Last week was busy, but full of great events and people all crammed into one jam packed schedule.

Monday started out with a family get together because my big sis was in town. Here's our group minus my niece Sara. 
We celebrated lots of things--my nephew Nathan's 14th birthday the next day, two wedding anniversaries (including my own), and my b-day. 
The old man was sitting in his grandma's chair so I couldn't resist this photo. Oh to be 14 again.
Caught Shiva "holding paws" with Pema. Just so much adorableness right there.
On Tuesday, Craig and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! Time has flown because I have had so much fun in my marriage to him. We went to Tofte's Table in downtown Waukesha.
Just sticky pudding for Craig since he already ate dinner at home.
I ordered the kale and collard greens dip. It was delicious!
After dinner, the history geek in me wanted to check out a building in downtown. I started a fiction book set in Waukesha based on the life of real-life veterinarian Dr. Roberts. His office was in this building. I was happy to see they even have a little display dedicated to him in the window!
A beautiful sunrise walk.
I tried ripple half & half for the first time and I loved it.
Oh Shiva, always the little cat supermodel.
I helped my best friend since middle school move to her gorgeous newly built house!
Her girls were so excited to be playing in their new basement.
Danielle didn't quite know how to organize her kitchen, so I tried my best to help out. Turns out I learned she isn't the cook or baker in the relationship, so that made it twice as hard. I told her to think of her kitchen as stations. You want things to be convenient to the appliance they are going to be used with! Helping her influenced me to organize a few things differently in my own kitchen.
We took Tanzi to a new integrative vet on Friday evening and she was wonderful. We are so happy to have found someone we can trust who also focuses on nutrition. 
Tanzi loved seeing fish swimming in the tank for the first time. He was so cute.

He lost some weight since we've moved to the new house and we thought he might have hyperthyroidism. I got the blood work results on Monday and it turns out he's completely normal! Phew.
On Saturday, we attended the 1st sustainability fair at Lapham Peak. It was amazing and I didn't want to leave. We attended talks about green and natural lawn care, zero waste living, owning a Tesla, gardening, and nature photography. We both learned so much and the green living geeks in us loved it. Definitely a must do for next year too.
We both were rock climbing virgins before Saturday. Truthfully, I was a little scared to do it. Luckily, we survived and even enjoyed our experience. I hope we can get to an indoor gym over winter.
I even got to pet a chicken! Somehow the guy who owned the chickens must have known I was a bird lover. :)
Sunday's adventures including a couple of hours with my sister-in-law and adorable nephew. I loved spending time with the little guy and getting to know him better.
Finally, we checked out the awesome Lego display at Mayfair Mall. So many neat displays on both floors.
Sunday was also full of lots of foamy milk made in my new toy. I think I'm going to do a Friday favorites post this week and include the machine I purchased in my roundup.

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