Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Everyday Life: [Weeks 37-39]

Here's a snapshot of the last couple of weeks!

My little morning snuggler. He loves cuddling with me while I drink my coffee and relax in the sun.
This wasn't quite as pear flavored as I expected, but it was still good.
 Playing with the fun instagram filters!
 My favorite lunch lately: quinoa, kale, jalapenos, chickpeas, red peppers, nutritional yeast, and Annie's goddess dressing.
Started the next selection for our book club! It's pretty good and I am hoping to finish it this weekend.
Amazing vegan and vegetarian food at a retreat we attended. I ate so well that weekend because everything was fresh and tasty.
Got super scared at It. I enjoyed it, but Craig didn't.
Hold pickup day at the library. I also hope to start the top two soon. Always too many books and so little time!
 A pretty sunset captured in downtown Waukesha.
 We finally ate on the rooftop at Taylor's People's Park restaurant!
 I ordered a blood orange margarita.
 Oh my god if you see this in the store, buy it.
 Checked out the parade of homes houses with my friend and her daughters.
 And then we visited the cute froggies in a pond near her new house!
 Doors Open Milwaukee with mom! This is City Lights Brewing Company.
 They offered free beer during the weekend. So sweet! We had Oktoberfest and it was tasty.
We also visited ancestors at Cavalry Cemetery and their chapel. I liked the chapel floors.
Is that you Pema? Spotted this at Total Wine.
Thanks to Carrie, I tried some Arbonne skincare out!
I finally ordered skincare products and a beautiful foundation from Organic Bunny. Once I have used the products for a while, I'll include a formal review on the blog.
 My little naughty pumpkin.
We saw Stephen and Owen King speak on Saturday night! We were pretty far away, so my photos aren't the best.
We received copies of their new book on our way out. Sadly, neither Craig nor I got a random signed copy.
Reading outside at our new patio table I picked up on clearance for $29!

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