Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fitness: Aerial Yoga class

I tried a new class this week! I have to admit, it was a little intimidating and scary to walk into a new yoga studio and try something completely different. It was also really exhilarating. I immediately knew that the teacher would put me at ease and be a great communicator and demonstrator.
We started out with some basics, then moved to balance, core, upside down, and ended with the angel pose and swinging.

Some things to keep in mind before you try aerial yoga:

-go with a friend! It was so much fun and would be a great date or activity with a girl friend. My class had a few groups of friends who were joking around and it was cool to see.

-don't wear a tank top. Not only because you go upside down, but our teacher explained that the fabric will dig into your arms. Wear a high cut long sleeve shirt.

-wear pants (I recommend cropped leggings) instead of shorts

-you do not need previous yoga experience

-if you have ever done TRX, aspects of aerial yoga remind me of it. I love TRX, but I know that some of my personal training clients were skeptical of their ability to feel at ease with it.

-it's ok to let the teacher come over to you and position you the way you need to be, especially when you are heading upside down or into a more intimidating pose.

-you will feel like a kid and enjoy it immensely!
If you try aerial yoga, I guarantee you will love it too.

Locals, I went to Reaching Treetops in Waukesha. I signed up for a new client month of unlimited yoga and it includes aerial.

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