Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Everyday Life [Weeks 47-50]

I apologize for being MIA, but I am working two jobs and studying for an upcoming exam! I'm finally taking a little late night break to relax and blog.

Here's what the past three weeks looked like:

Thanksgiving 2017! Gee, what do vegans eat? I had a good meal full of diverse items!
Love being an auntie!
Auntie duties during Conner's baptism.
Post yoga shot. Loved trying a downtown yoga studio for a month.
First day of my new full-time job.
We're pretty similar in our ping pong skills. Craig won that night.
Totally love the Roxy shoes I randomly ordered on Black Friday. I got a pretty good deal. Needed some new athletic shoes and then I found these for half off too.
Before the temps dropped, I was walking twice or three times a day on breaks at work. I miss it!
Loved this kombucha beer!
I won two tickets to a Christmas lights and desserts Milwaukee Food & City Tour and took mom!
Always wanted to get to the brick and mortar store of Indulgence Chocolatiers! This chocolate and wine pairing was delicious, of course!
The lights at Ziedler Square are beautiful.
I wish Santa really existed and would bring me one of these. I put it in my cart as a joke to tease Craig.
 Nightstand shot as part of the #12daysofbookstagram challenge I participated in on Instagram.
Never finished this book before I had to return it but I love the author's podcast. I'll get back to the book sometime.
 Lunch with a former colleague and one of my favorite restaurants.
First night at my 10 hour a week library job. I checked out these books and read them as I waited for my shift to begin.
"Librarian" Lisa. Ha ha. I'm not really a librarian, just a shelver but I LOVE it! I am so glad I took a part-time job doing it.
Never thought I'd be taking an insurance class, but that's where I spent four days of last week. My brain hurts from studying this weekend. I have an exam this week and I am not so confident about it right now.
Loaded up on caffeine and a snack at Walgreens before heading to class. Saw this Softer Than Brittle product on the VegNews Instagram page. It was amazing!
One of my colleagues bought all of us stockings and treats as a surprise. We were all so appreciative!
Egg nog and a movie on a Friday night. I still haven't finished watching the movie, but I plan to soon.
 YAY! Haven't made anything from it yet but the recipes look delicious.
A green smoothie to try to prevent me from getting sick. I had a sore throat all morning. By that evening, I was feeling much better.
I don't like to eat out a lot but I took advantage of being near a Whole Foods by eating there two out of the four days I had class. I tried their vegan pizza and liked it.
I also tried my first poke bowl last week. It was so fresh and tasty. I am now craving them. So glad a new poke place is opening up about 10 miles away from us. I could also try to make this at home.
Hooray, I'm all caught up. Wish I had more time for blogging but life is crazy lately, especially with the holidays coming up. 

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  1. Completely understand life getting in the way of blogging! Taking classes at MATC has been incredibly time consuming for me. Sounds like you are still finding time to enjoy life. A belated Merry Christmas! Lets get together after the New Year!