Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Everyday Life: Week 41

Well, I didn't really mean to take a break from blogging but I'm back. I'll start with an everyday life post before I get into covering our wonderful recent trip to Portland, Oregon.

Wisconsin is finally cool enough to have IKEA, so we checked it out last weekend. I wanted to try their vegan hot dog too! It was delicious, of course.
 Love that IKEA is promoting plant-based foods in such a positive way.
 Picked up this smoothie too and it was tasty!
 Craig and I both love this recent find from Costco.
 A gorgeous sunrise on the way to work.
 Fun with a new Instagram filter.
 These two are obsessed with sitting in the sun together by our front door.
We tried a new Indian restaurant at the mall over the weekend. There were so many vegan options and the owner was the sweetest. We'll be back!
 We shared masala fries!
 My mom needs this license plate.
My huge stack of holds and impulse pickups from the library. Everyone needs to watch RBG. I'm almost done with I'll Be Gone in the Dark and it's super creepy and well-written. All you fellow foodies out there would love the Story of Food book.
A lovely Saturday afternoon snack of my favorite tea lately, Organic India's Tulsi, and vegan cake.
I met my former colleagues and now friends for brunch at Celesta this morning. I shared an amazing cinnamon roll, enjoyed a lima fry, and had a great meal of baked french toast with homemade seitan sausages and fruit.
 I loved the simple and modern decor.
 If you go to Celesta, get the lima fries! The remoulade sauce was to die for.
 My meal!
Hard to believe that this cat lady hadn't been to the only cat cafe in town yet, so I had to rectify that and checked it out with Alexa after brunch. 
 Adorable cookies! I was so happy to see many vegan options on their food and drink menu.

The adorable kitties! Alexa and I sat in the cafe and watched the cats through the glass vs. going into the area where you can pet them. So many of them were sleeping, but a few were being naughty and fun to observe.
 Alexa in black cat alley!
 The murals are so much fun!
This one was my fav, maybe because it reminds me of Norwegian style prints?

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