Monday, October 29, 2018

My Everyday Life: Weeks 42 and 43

Here's what weeks 42 and 43 looked like!

 Ha ha!
 We treated my sister-in-law to a belated birthday lunch at the Tosa Urban Beets.
Unfortunately, our nephew ate tree nuts there and had a bad reaction, so this day didn't end too happily for my sister-in-law.
 I ordered the Sunrise Sammie and it was so good!
I also had the Blue Majik smoothie bowl. I had been wanting to try it since I saw it on their menu and I was so glad I did.
 A typical Shiva pose.
I got through most of this book but decided to abandon it today with about a hundred pages to go until the end. The book could have been half the size.
Checked out Goddess and the Baker at the Corners in Brookfield with Danielle. We both loved our meals and dessert! I'm so happy the Corners finally has a coffee shop.
I was so happy to see a great selection of vegan desserts on their menu. This chocolate cupcake was as delicious as it looks!
What a pretty corner to have coffee in! I decided I need to spend a day off of work here with a good book and a big cup of coffee.
 The green juice I ordered was so tropical and colorful!
 Love waking up to sunrises like this.
These two love hanging out in our bedroom since it's normally off limits (we don't let the cats sleep with us).
 Shiva is always preventing me from reading.
I wanted to share a random act of kindness story for the week. A stranger came up to my mom in the grocery store with this bouquet of fall flowers. She told my mom it was for her and she purchased flowers for a stranger every Friday. What a nice gesture and it made my mom's day! Little did that stranger know my mom has been having a rough couple of weeks with my dad being sick.
I started this book today and it's pretty good so far! I love memoirs and heard about this one randomly somewhere. I'm hoping it is a quick read because I have a 600 plus page book to get through for book club next.


  1. Love the random act of kindness. Hope things go better with your dad...

  2. Just stopping by to wish you a great holiday season Lisa!