Sunday, March 10, 2019

My Everyday Life [Week 10]

I'm feeling like I need to get back at blogging, so let's jump right into the everyday life series and show you week 10.

Pema, I'm trying to take a picture of my contact lenses for a rebate! Always has to be in on the action.
Checked out a new vegan option in downtown Waukesha called Perennial and met the chef and owner! It's in the Five Joints @ Five Points spot on Broadway.
I brought the Pineapple Curry home with me!
A visit for both boys to the vet. I love the artwork there. 
 We need to say adios to these (too much sugar).
And hola to these as a treat. Plus, we need to feed the boys more calories. I really hope they're not hyperthyroid like Tanzi was as they're way too young.
I was chatting to a coworker and drinking this. She gave me a funny look and said, "are you drinking cough syrup!?" I suppose it does look like it!
Aunt Lisa, I want to touch your hair next. Conner was having fun touching all of the ladies' hair at Craig's cousin's baby shower.
After searching for two years, I finally bought some new eyeglasses. I got two in fact. I ordered these for my prescription lenses and a different pair with the blue light lenses.
A Sunday morning at Mama D's, which has become our favorite coffee shop. I just wish one was closer to our house. Trying my best to reduce waste and I insisted we bring our own cups this time.
Beautiful quilts on display at the New Berlin Public Library which remind me of my lovely mom who is an amazing quilter.
Picked out these three books from the new book shelf. Now I need to stay off my phone and read more. Fun fact: I coordinated a lecture for Sy Montgomery, who wrote the book on the left. She was a sweet lady to work with.
Have a wonderful week! I'm so ready for some warmer temperatures and for the snow to melt.

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