Sunday, January 5, 2020

My Everyday Life [Week 1]

Trying to get back into blogging again, so I am starting with this journal series I love and miss. Welcome to week 1 of my everyday life.

Went to see Little Women with mom on New Year's Eve! I enjoyed it very much and now I want to read the book.
 The last two books read in 2019. I read 50 books last year!
 The first picture of 2020 and of course it's of my little loves soaking up the sun.
I practiced yoga on New Year's Day in preparation for the 30 day yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene. This post workout smoothie combo never disappoints. I highly recommend spirulina, especially this blend by local business Tippecanoe Herbs.
I'm trying to reduce my waste this year and one way to do that is to always bring a reusable coffee cup with us when we get coffee out.
 A nice gift in exchange for my cat sitting services, complete with a little Swiss ladybug chocolate.
 Day 1 of the yoga challenge! I felt a little weak and my eyes look wattery here because I had a cold.
I'm so thankful for free yoga videos on Youtube that allow me to practice in the comfort of my little home gym.
Pema wanted me to focus on Caturday vs. studying for my second AINS (Associate in General Insurance) designation test.
Craig fooling around at Fleet Farm. Last time we went there, I posed with the horse so it was his turn this time.
 Warrior. Feeling great by day 3.
Pema the snuggler and beauty.


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    1. Thanks Inger! I'm trying to make it a regular habit. I need to integrate more posts besides My Everyday Life and I have a few ideas. Hope you're doing well!

  2. I know Miranda Paul who wrote Little Libraries Big Hereos from my dabbling in writing children's literature.