Sunday, February 9, 2020

My Everyday Life [Weeks 4-6]

Catching up on sharing what the last two weeks looked like!

Craig caught the flu from me and while he was home, he caught Shiva watching Bob Ross. He liked the movement of the brush strokes. 
Capturing the beautiful snowy area behind the technical school I took CPR at.
CPR class! Glad to get it done so I could renew my personal training license.
Yummy tempeh wrap.
This quote sums up the last two weeks quite well.
 Trying to keep up with practicing yoga when I can.
Shiva crashing my photo of books 2 and 3 read this year. Know My Name is amazing and I highly recommend it. I wasn't as thrilled about Miracle Creek.
Treated myself to Mod pizza on a Friday. I usually take my lunch every day, but once in a while it is nice to get away from the office.
The fort Craig built for Pema while the roomba ran. I sent it to my mom and she said he takes after his mama (I used to love to build forts when I was little).
 Sunset Sunday yoga.
 The sky takes my breath away sometimes.
When I lift weights, I am hangry and need my protein right away. This was really delicious and I'd definitely purchase a large container of it.
Working on my family tree at the library. I learned a few new things, like my third great grandfather was a peddler when he first came to Milwaukee. I knew he was a millner later in life, but I didn't realize he was a peddler to start.
 Shiva is obsessed with the heat vent in our bedroom.
 He's always kissing my cheeks or biting them.
I embraced winter walking again this week. I walk twice a day on breaks at work, but it's always on the treadmill. It felt good to to get outside and wasn't as cold as I expected it to be.
Brunch yesterday with my friend and kindred spirit Vanessa. We talked for two hours straight and never ran out of things to discuss. It's hard to make new friends midlife, especially when you're a non-parent introvert, so I am thankful we met volunteering at a vegan festival last year.
I went to one of my favorite grocery stores, Whole Foods, after brunch and grabbed some delicious guacamole to snack on. Pema is creepily watching me eat and he has no clue that I'm eating his favorite food, avocado.
An all day snowstorm meant that mom and I didn't make it to a free knitting class I was looking forward to attending. I'm hoping we can go next week!

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